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100 words, 874 minutes

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    Posted by Preacher (U2899850) on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

    The Italian manager (or is it "coach"?) of the English Football Team has declared that his meagre 100 words of English are more than adequate to enable him to train and motivate his squad of players.

    The Oxford English Corpus cites the following as the 100 most common English words (in descending order of frequency):
    the be to of and a in that have I
    it for not on with he as you do at
    this but his by from they we say her she
    or an will my one all would there their what
    so up out if about who get which go me
    when make can like time no just him know take
    people into year your good some could them see other
    than then now look only come its over think also
    back after use two how our work first well way
    even new want because any these give day most us

    In the few hours left to users of this soon-to-be-lamented messageboard, can you concoct a series of useful instructions from the above 100 words for Mr Capello's use?

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    Posted by Rumbaba (U13744896) on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

    I think you need to construct a subset for the football environment. Where is 'width', 'metatarsil', striker, red, yellow, card.....

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    Posted by clint75 (U1870311) on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

    After another dismal effort at the European Championships next year:

    "They think it is all over......it is now!"

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    Posted by Caro (U1691443) on Thursday, 31st March 2011

    "Give the back a good 'all and he will make use of it."

    "No time like now. Get on with it."

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