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Pickles in 'bleeding stump' claim

Oh dear, sounds like a Health and Safety ...


pan shoshana Mar 7, 2011

Portmanteau phrases

Lewis Carroll coined the tem 'portmanteau word' for words ...


JeanHartrick Mar 6, 2011

"Old Irish Whisky"(sic)

Is printed on a small water jug, made for Paddy, of Cork ...


Barrie WILSON Mar 5, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Being a lover of pancakes I'm looking forward to Shrove ...


Galahad Mar 5, 2011

bad grammar from No10

we recently received an acknowledgement from No 10 which ...


Grennis Mar 5, 2011


Someone used the word 'druthers' in a response to one of my posts ...


Rumbaba Mar 5, 2011

The Now Show - Series 33

I really welcome the return of the long running, topical, satirical ...


Polemicist Mar 4, 2011


Diversion before beginning this subject. We have lots of family ...


Caro Mar 4, 2011

Not enough mongers...

I've always liked the suffix 'monger', as used with iron, ...


Galahad Mar 3, 2011

The Old Spies

Just iPlayered this. Unlike much else and a bit unsure how to ...


Dorabelladel la Mar 3, 2011

What's the plural of "Superman"?

There's a thing on my Yahoo "news" page about actors who have ...


Brian Duncan Mar 3, 2011


My congratulations to Birmingham and Alex McLeish on their ...


Rumbaba Mar 3, 2011

Uber Bourgeois

During the BBC2 programme, Books In My Life, Alistair Campbell ...


loveoneanoth er Mar 3, 2011

Please stop "Horrid phrases ...

because it's much too long, and while you're at it: am I a ...


begonio Mar 2, 2011

Double Jeopardy - Saturday Play

Radio 4 - please will you promise to repeat this play for us?


Radio4Bore Mar 2, 2011

"broken kitchen knives"

I have a vague recollection of a rather wonderful poem which ...


Mike Waller Mar 1, 2011

Why great and not grand?

For some reason, this thought occurred to me yesterday: given ...


Bert Coules Mar 1, 2011


A chap on the Food Programme this afternoon (R4 28.02) was quite ...


RCWhiting Feb 28, 2011

Horrid phrases on R4 - please ...

Whilst I love Radio 4, I really can’t abide the use of the ...


Radio4Bore Feb 28, 2011

Why 'Christian' name.

Sorry if this has been dealt with many times before, but where did ...


heterodox Feb 26, 2011

Series catch-up for ...

Congratulations to the BBC Trustees for thinking outside ...


John Feb 25, 2011

Stretching the Pound

Don't you just hate the pronunciation of a certain quiz ...


suatelatonan ti Feb 24, 2011

Corny ...

I hear on the radio that the noble name of the Cornish Pasty has ...


Hugh Mosby-Joa... Feb 24, 2011

The practise of accusing ...

"The unions have been accused of scaremongering by the Department ...


elderberry Feb 23, 2011

Corny kernels of truth...

I know that they're only harmless fun, but most daft proverbs can ...


MAY-DAY Feb 23, 2011

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