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Quinone Q10 - any experiences?

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    Posted by Mr_Red (U4022339) on Tuesday, 31st August 2010

    I was trying-out a free sample of this over the weekend. www.towerseyfestival...

    As you get older (31 and that's my final offer) you don't retain/make as much. Hence the relative lack of vitality and stamina you had when 25.

    It apparently helps with vitality/strength/endurance and these pills attempt to compensate for the lower levels.

    Given that I dance maybe 4 times per day at a festival 5 days running. 2 1/2 hour stints about 50% energetic, the rest listening to the caller (instructor to you), that is still 4 hours of dancing that in the normal week would be compared to walking for a lot shorter time.

    OK I finally twigged to eating more so the experiment may be a bit skewed but tiredness was definitely absent.

    Shame about the hips & the knee (ankles OK).

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    Posted by Mr_Red (U4022339) on Friday, 3rd September 2010

    I guess no one has any experience they want to share.

    the Holland & Barret version comes in a red jar!

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    Posted by Robert Carnegie (U982882) on Friday, 3rd September 2010

    Wikipedia doesn't mention using quinone as a drug at -all-. It has a benzene-type ring so it probably causes cancer, and it's a chemical that bombardier-beetles use to make their bums explode. Am I looking at the wrong stuff?

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