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School Yearbook: Poster Most Likely to...

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    Posted by malizon (U10119599) on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

    ...disappear and never be heard of again;

    ...keep their R4 alias;

    ...change their identity;

    ...remain popular after 'school';

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    Posted by caissier (U14073060) on Thursday, 31st March 2011

    ha! ..... what's really needed for that malizon, is a grid of pics of geeky teenagers ..... (so that when one or two turn out to marry future American presidents or become serial killers you can go .... "Ooo! .... Who'd have thought it!" .... smiley - smiley)

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    Posted by JermeriClart (U14480026) on Thursday, 31st March 2011

    I remember a boy in my year at school, whom we all looked up to - like a role model.

    He reached puberty early, and had a deep voice and shaved before the rest of us, and got all the girls, and was captain of the football and cricket teams.

    A few years later, after I'd left school, i saw his name in the local paper - arrested for exposing himself in the park!

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    Posted by caissier (U14073060) on Thursday, 31st March 2011

    smiley - laugh We had Geoffrey Abbey, academically brilliant, last heard of aged seventeen, being chased across rooftops by police after raiding a chemists for drugs. He's almost certainly dead while running arms to Unita in Angola or living a billionaire in California ...... a Napolean of crime smiley - biggrin

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    Posted by leodis (U1633262) on Thursday, 31st March 2011

    n my first year of grammar school, we had a French boy and his sister join us, age 13 and 14. They lived on my street (which was a very long one) so we'd see them about a fair bit, but you didn't often mix much with older children. We were all in awe of them. Their mother spoke no English and we were fascinated by her, they all seemed very exotic and elegant and in those days we children didn't see people from other countries.

    Years later, there was an article in the local paper, accompanied by a photo, of a very overweight, completely scruffy woman looking dejected - her husband had engaged in a custody battle with her over the children and taken them to France. She was living here on benefits. What a downfall for her! I was very disappointed, she seemed to have everything going for her.

    Strange what life does to people sometimes. I wonder how she came to have lost everything.

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