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Health & Care Bill

The BBC Democracy Live channel has the dealings of the Health and ...


Rooooosta ... Mar 25, 2011

With Great Pleasure: Oliver James

Interesting choices - used to express his crticism of the ...


JermeriClart Mar 25, 2011

What a psychoanalyst might ...

An online documentary about Star Wars was reviewed in a recent ...


elderberry Mar 25, 2011

Front row - the new geography ...

Since when did Lancashire move to the north-west of Scotland? If ...


maggi jay Mar 25, 2011

Act Your Age

Act Your Age had Holly Walsh teamed with Henry Paker, a ...


loveoneanoth er Mar 25, 2011

The Cosby Show

Anybody remember this?Now then, how many white people were in ...


leodis Mar 25, 2011

Why ...

In my own way i say whats on my mind about what is coming out of ...


coolpoliteal ex Mar 24, 2011

The death penalty - AMERICANA

Katty Kay spoke to the Governor of Illinois about his decision to ...


newlach Mar 24, 2011

Come on, eloise!!

You must have an explanation for why you or anna modded my post ...


Joe K Mar 24, 2011

3rd Degree

3rd class degree more like.Is it just me, or does this ...


U14576049 Mar 24, 2011

Switch Off from Board ...

Just to put yesterday's closure notice on hold for a moment, how ...


Mobson Mar 24, 2011

Bankers on a budget

I am actually starting to feel a bit sorry for bankers facing ...


Swoosh Mar 24, 2011

Lansbury on Taylor

A splendidly generous tribute to Elizabeth Taylor from Angela ...


Rog Mar 24, 2011

before we go-

I shant be here again- So may I send my sympathies to around the ...


mombser2 Mar 24, 2011

Front Row: The Dimming of the Day

They played this beautiful Richard Thompson song on Front Row ...


JermeriClart Mar 24, 2011

Soul Music

I think this is one of my favourite programmes on Radio 4. ...


Rosemary Mar 24, 2011

its the innernet innit

these heroic confrontations of the people against the control ...


secret_agent _special_ops Mar 23, 2011


Has ‘Today’ gone completely and finally mad? The introduction to ...


pebill Mar 23, 2011

The Feynman variations.

Brian Cox presents an archive tribute to the genius of ...


Princess Anne Mar 23, 2011

A right sorry BANKER!!

Following the interview with David Bermingham in his own words he ...


G Mar 23, 2011

Shy Baby success.

Well done to Gary Ogin on his new play 'Shy Baby' broadcast on ...


KatyNicoll Mar 23, 2011

The budget Mr. Osborne and ...

Its occurred to me now after 50 plus budgets that the British ...


Princess Anne Mar 23, 2011


This post has been removed.


fascinating Mar 23, 2011

IS it about budgets?

How many people here think the axing of the messageboards is ...


Aristotle Tottle Mar 23, 2011


This post has been removed.


leodis Mar 23, 2011

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