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    Posted by U13695815 (U13695815) on Monday, 16th November 2009

    the great unwashed

    Yeah, but was he researching or being a pervert? I don't know. That is a bit of a let down. I read one of his books once: Horses Neck, I think it was called, but wasn't impressed. There was some stuff about inserting his phallus into a horse which kind of got me thinking: is he alright in the head? Still, in the halcyon days of The Who he was okay.

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    Posted by 1650Keele (U13471364) on Thursday, 19th November 2009

    Re: Message 40:
    Yes, the mysterious book: the police do not put people on the Sex Offenders’ Register for doing research for a book. Townshend was on the Register for five years because he downloaded images of child pornography to his computer. It’s as simple as that. What I find abhorrent is that he seems to be attempting to draw a veil over this hideous event and make it disappear.
    And Radio 4, to its shame, seems all too willing to help him by commissioning this programme. The question of whether Townsend’s music and The Who’s whole opus is brilliant or not, or even whether Townshend is ‘Today's Purcell’ or not is now blighted by what he did. No matter how hard anyone might try to erase the fact, his interest in child porn and his downloading of it to his personal computer is something that will always be associated with Townshend. And to my mind, quite right, too.

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    Posted by Hugh_Mosby-Joaquin (U7370829) on Thursday, 19th November 2009

    Had not quite a few earlier postings been expunged, and before you jump to popular-press conclusions, you might see that what you say is not, in some opinions other than your own, strictly true.
    Since I cannot be bothered to explain it all again, I refer you to this:
    Quite why this incident should deny Mr Townsend's right to say he is influenced by Purcell is verging on the bizarre, but then again, since you have judged him, and found him guilty, based on your own evidence, I'm not surprised you continue your posting with something that resembles preposterous twaddle.

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    Posted by 1650Keele (U13471364) on Thursday, 19th November 2009

    I’m certainly not denying Townshend the right to say what his influences are. He could be influenced by aliens for all I care. What I do deny him is the right to sweep under the carpet the fact he downloaded child porn. The police put him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years for doing so. End of story. And apropos twaddle: I note you suggest I read about the matter in that great source of unverified fact and conjecture - Wikipedia!!

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    Posted by Hugh_Mosby-Joaquin (U7370829) on Thursday, 19th November 2009

    Wikipedia is a handy portal to other references. Like this: .....(operation) Ore has dragged big names into the spotlight - such as the musicians Pete Townshend, the Who guitarist, and Robert del Naja of Massive Attack, both falsely accused of accessing child pornography. 
    Try that. That's taken from this:
    And if that's a bit left-wing, try The Daily Mail:

    Right -ho. Where's the reference for your 'evidence'?
    I hold no brief for the man, incidentally. I would barely describe myself as a fan. But I do feel one should not spread falsehoods about him, and should attempt to look at the facts.

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    Posted by the great unwashed (U13710586) on Saturday, 21st November 2009

    Where is the falsehoods he admited he entered the sites to research child pornography for a book. Where's the book?

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    Posted by U13695815 (U13695815) on Monday, 23rd November 2009

    Pity a bigger stink isn't made of the people who are producing this porn in the first place. Imagine being a kid and having to live with that for the rest of your life. smiley - sadface

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