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Wuthering Heights Hyped!

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    Posted by Mobson (U14628682) on Sunday, 27th March 2011

    Can anyone not know this...that in 45 minutes @ 8pm, a new 90min play will be broadcast on R3's drama on 3! It has been trailed frequently on radio and t.v. and written about in the media....why? because swearing has been added to this adaption to give it a 'contemporary' feel. I am awaiting a kettle boiling over the hearth fire to make copious amounts of brew to accompany a home made yorkshire curd tart since after imbibing a hearty roasted haunch of venison with porter, this should suffice for supper and for the duration of the play.

    Gosh! I'm excited...hope it lives up to the hype!

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    Posted by Pip (U2800217) on Sunday, 27th March 2011

    Enjoying it, Mobson? I don't care for bad language, but the scraps in this sound like life in the back streets as I remember it - very naturalistic.
    This Bronte woman may have a future smiley - winkeye Her characters bring new meaning to the word 'unbalanced'.

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    Posted by proust1922 (U11031918) on Sunday, 27th March 2011

    As a 90-minute drama it made terrific stereo listening. Needless F-words apart, the Yorkshire accents were thick and tasty. Inevitably, though, any full version of the story will always leave Heathcliff a bitter vengeful b*st*ard, so I lay no blame at his actor's feet if I vote Janine Duvitski as Nelly Dean the star of this dramatisation. Shame, however, that they chopped the most wonderful closing paragraph in Eng Lit.

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    Posted by Portly (U1381981) on Monday, 28th March 2011

    I have always been puzzled as to how "Wuthering Heights" managed to get into the canon of Eng. Lit. It is clumsily constructed and full of the worst excesses of Victorian melodrama, which we normally find risible.

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    Posted by newlach (U13758213) on Monday, 28th March 2011

    excellent smiley - ok

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    Posted by Mobson (U14628682) on Monday, 28th March 2011

    I'd like to listen again before I comment the play but do want to mention another forthcoming adaption, since we won't be around (on these boards) in September when the film is due to be released in the UK.

    Directed by Andrea Arnold, awarded an OBE in the 2011 Queen's New Years Honours for services to film; it will star a black Heathcliff, thus going further than
    Emily Bronte's description "he is a dark skinned gypsy in aspect, and a little lascar" . For James Howson, an unknown actor born & bred in Leeds, this is a very challenging first time role.


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    Posted by proust1922 (U11031918) on Tuesday, 29th March 2011

    I wouldn't disagree with you, Portly - the time slips and dual characters make for confusion throughout, especially in print. So congrats to any producer - and there haven't been many - to give full value to the emotional drama within! That's where I thought Nelly Dean's parts of the narration triumphed.

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    Posted by becky sharp (U4544768) on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

    Wuthering Heights Hyped! 

    I have never understood the hype, full stop, about this story......girl loves boy ...boy loves girl .....end of, only it isn't.....

    Annoying characters in an annoying story....give me Jane Eyre anyday......smiley - loveblush

    Best thing to come out of it.....


    smiley - smiley

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