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The Moonstone

Anyone enjoy this first ep that was broadcast yesterday? I can't ...


marquess Mar 14, 2011

Doctor My Eyes Have Seen The ...

Spoiler (Don’t read if intending to listen)If anyone wants a ...


Lawrence Jones Mar 12, 2011

Afternoon plays

I thought " Black roses" was the best docudrama I have heard ...


lyrrie Mar 12, 2011

Black Roses: The Killing of ...

I idly switched on the radio this afternoon and was immediately ...


Kounelli33 Mar 11, 2011

A Domestic...

This story is obviously leading up to a very interesting finale on ...


Mobson7 Mar 11, 2011

Black Roses: The Killing of ...

I have just listened to this and was profoundly moved. Sylvia ...


Fiona G Mar 11, 2011

To Miss With Love

I have just caught the last part of Radio 4’s Book of the Week, ...


John Roles Mar 11, 2011

Great afternoon plays

I have just listened to the the afternoon play about Sophie ...


Sue104 Mar 11, 2011

Chronicles of Ait - Echo Beach

Does anyone know what the incidental music was in this ...


lel Mar 8, 2011

To miss without love

Sorry but this school story uses bizare pronouns and adverbs to ...


rubywillow Mar 8, 2011

First King of Mars

Specially commissioned by the BBC to mark the anniversary of ...


U14576049 Mar 8, 2011

The Write Stuff

I really enjoyed tonight's edition on The Beats - the pastiches ...


JermeriClart Mar 8, 2011

Bird Cloud. Book of the Week

Is it just me being a grumpy old woman or is it profoundly ...


susanneb Mar 7, 2011

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Is anyone else enjoying this reading? The narrative is ...


Milly Mar 6, 2011


I was really taken with this afternoon's new serial, ...


Mobson7 Mar 6, 2011

Family Tree

Did anyone else like this play? I really enjoyed it and thought it ...


cava58 Mar 6, 2011

Visiting Ait.....

This is leagues better than the usual WH drama.


Mathos-le-Rh ymer Mar 6, 2011

'Play of the week' podcast ...

This will be chosen from Radio 3 or 4, but I'm not sure who will ...


Russ Mar 4, 2011

Mordrin McDonald: 21st ...

Is there a reason why, over 20 hours after broadcast, this is ...


JPGruntfutto ck Mar 3, 2011

Mordrin McDonald confusion

Last night's episode should have been the last in the present ...


KokorHekkus Mar 3, 2011

The social network

I know, I know...I'm a few months late with this film, as it came ...


I designed the future Mar 3, 2011

Family Tree

I've not commented on here before but I thought this was really ...


Droopytutu Mar 2, 2011

Afternoon play - Four ...

Does anyone remember an Afternoon Play on this theme from some ...


Danny Mar 2, 2011

afternoon plays

Afternoon Theatre on Radio 4 or even the Home Service used to be ...


Mrsdielle Mar 1, 2011

The Burning Times

Anyone hear this? I'm trying to make my mind up about it.


Saltcow Mar 1, 2011

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