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Dairy free eating

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    Posted by Tabula_Rasta (U14040099) on Thursday, 18th June 2009

    My family switched to the high vegetable dairy free diet advocated by Prof. Campbell in The China Study and Prof. Plant in her book on prostate cancer. We found the change quite tough at first since we were so used to using cheese, yoghurt etc as ingredients. Some things have been easier to replace than others- the fresh soya milk you can get now in the chilled sections of most supermarkets is pretty good, but I don't think much of most of the cheese substitutes on the market. You can actually make a pretty good parmasan substitute with a little flaked brewers yeast extract and ground almonds. Recipe wise, as well as various vegan cookbooks and the cookbook that goes with Prof. Plants cancer books, we've found pretty useful.

    Has anyone else got resources/experiences they'd like to share?

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    Posted by jaybird (U8071874) on Saturday, 20th June 2009

    I've read professor Jane Plant's book on the prevention/treatment of breast cancer, which also advocates a dairy free diet.
    You could try looking at the bbc vegetarian website for ideas/advice on diet since a lot of vegans post on there:

    I think we need to look at maximum nutrition from food (brown instead of white rice, wholemeal flour, spelt flour, make your own bread, use quinoa, millet, sprouted seeds for example)'
    The only vegan cheese I've found palatable is Sheese, although I rarely use it. I love tofu in all it's forms, it's so versatile.

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