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Listen Again Food Programme - ...

I enjoyed the Food Programme item 14June09 at 1230 on Prostate ...


PHanley Jun 15, 2009

Food Programme/You and Yours

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the message board ...


The You and ... Jun 15, 2009

You & Yours - Prostate cancer ...

Many references were made during the programme to the evidence, ...


sayyestolife Jun 14, 2009

Food programme:What foods ...

For the doctors, please can you list what foods we should avoid ...


scoobie Jun 14, 2009

Prostate cancer

I felt there has been gloom at the lack of research, but I am part ...


protectpc Jun 14, 2009

You and Yours: Prostate Cancer

Hi,A relative of mine is 46 and has recently received treatment ...


CHIMPWOMAN Jun 14, 2009

You&Yours Prostrate problems.

Although my PSA is low I am taking Tamusolin and find good ...


Mikko888 Jun 13, 2009

Prostate brachytherapy

I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer 18 months ago at ...


Eric_I Jun 13, 2009

Prostate Cancer

The discussions concerning prostate cancer have been very ...


Ifyouthink Jun 12, 2009

You and Yours - Prostate Cancer

Like Geoff, I had a radical prostatectomy - but getting on ...


howlucky Jun 12, 2009

The Food Programme

Hi all,I thought you'd like to be reminded that this Sunday's Food ...


anna - HOST Jun 12, 2009

You and Yours:Prostate Cancer ...

3 years ago I had a urinary infection and my PSA was over ...


bionicstanle y Jun 12, 2009

Becomming immune to Zoladex

Hello, I am writing here for the first time on behalf of my ...


SimonBrentfo rd Jun 12, 2009

You & Yours - Prostate Cancer

It has been interesting listening to Geoff Tansey's diaries ...


Jeremyb2 Jun 12, 2009

you and yours prostate cancer

i was diagnosed with prostate cancer in january 2004 and was ...


joek67 Jun 12, 2009

You and Yours Prostate Cancer ...

I had a prostatectomy last thursday and everything seems to ...


flstanley Jun 12, 2009

You and Yours: Prostate Cancer



lordofwarlei gh Jun 12, 2009

cancer and sugar

In 2004 my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer. As neither ...


beaubelee Jun 12, 2009

you and yours prostate cancer

2006 diagnosed PC june 2006 Radical Robotic Prostatectomy . ...


cruisehost Jun 12, 2009

Prostate cancer, You and ...

Thankyou for speaking out about your experiences.I'm 60 and have ...


saskew Jun 12, 2009

You and Yours. The PSA

3 years ago a rise in PSA prompted a biopsy which found early ...


melnicus Jun 12, 2009

Joining us today . . .

On You and Yours today we will have the third instalment of the ...


The You and ... Jun 12, 2009

You & Yours: Prostate Cancer

Readers of this discussion may be interested to look at the ...


sayyestolife Jun 11, 2009

You and Yours

Prostate Cancer Diaries.You may be interested to know that my ...


tiptopJoJoMa y Jun 11, 2009

Investigative Treatments

In yesterday's very interesting piece on prostate cancer, the ...


nijoro Jun 11, 2009

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