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Prostate Cancer - Food Programme

Nothing was said about those who do have a healthy diet and yet ...


prostatecanc erwife Jun 17, 2009

Your questions answered

We hope you are continuing to find the discussions on this message ...


The You and ... Jun 17, 2009

You & Yours: Prostate cancer

Given the function of the prostate gland there seems to be very ...


strangeTruth seeker Jun 16, 2009

You & Yours: Prostate Cancer ...

I have to say that my husband and I found that listening to Mr ...


maureen5000 Jun 16, 2009

prostate cancer

I wonder if everyone with dietry requirments has similar ...


corinnak3175 Jun 16, 2009

Food Programme/prostate cancer

This excellent programme made several references to the tiny ...


edmac41 Jun 16, 2009

PSA Relapse

I had a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy four and a half ...


Francoman03 Jun 16, 2009

You & Yours Prostate Cancer

I am a little worried about the impressions being given by Geoff ...


WellsOR Jun 16, 2009

you and yours prostate item

I hope this message reassures all men out there who might find ...


xmadmax Jun 16, 2009

Free book publicity

I found the professors really quite cautious and plausible on ...


Paul in Crawley Jun 16, 2009

You& Yours/prostate cancer

I read that recent research indicated that normal sexual ...


amonkwrites Jun 16, 2009

Prostate Cancer Diaries

I had an operation for the removal of my prostate three months ago ...


Guysgrandpa Jun 15, 2009

no subject

I am a firm believer that diet is extremely important to health ...


jupiter29 Jun 15, 2009

Midriff Weight Gain

Else in this discussion board I mention that I had ...


bilbro1239 Jun 15, 2009

You and Yours: Prostate cancer

Having had surgery for prostate cancer in June 2007 and now ...


enviromaster Jun 15, 2009

You and Yours Food Programme

The nurses from The Prostate Cancer Charity are logging off ...


MBurgessTPCC Jun 15, 2009

Diet & Prostate Cancer

It works - Breast Cancer - Prostate screening.Yesterday's ...


oscar-pilot Jun 15, 2009

the food programme/ you an yours

Hi there,I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and opted for ...


eddie53 Jun 15, 2009

The Food Programme: Diet and ...

I'd like to pose a question to the experts attending after the ...


CharlesHopef ul Jun 15, 2009

High PSA - Food Programme ...

My PSA was 1799 at the first blood test in December 2007 and rose ...


VeryhighPSA Jun 15, 2009

Your questions answered

The experts from the Prostate Cancer Charity are now available ...


The You and ... Jun 15, 2009

You and Yours: Prostate ...

Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of Geoff Tansey's diary ...


compo30 Jun 15, 2009

Food Programme prostate ...

Following on from the Food Programme yesterday I thought ...


pcrfemma Jun 15, 2009

You & Yours /Prostate Cancer

I am 69 years old. A biopsy has shown that I have prostate ...


arawarren Jun 15, 2009

Men warned of greater cancer ...

The latest Cancer Research UK study reports: "Sara Hiom, ...


Brian Jun 15, 2009

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