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cording...any tips

Two weeks after my surgery, I have developed cording running from ...


slinkylinks Nov 8, 2007

On a technical note

Hello everybody,The messages on this topic might disappear for ...


anna - HOST Nov 8, 2007

Congratulations Jenni and WH team

You have done more this year for an important health and welfare ...


TrojanMare Nov 8, 2007

Closing the Breast Cancer ...

Hi all - we've been hosting this board throughout October to ...


Womans Hour Team Nov 8, 2007

Travel insurance

Hi and thankyou to everyone who has been on this message board ...


Lesley Nov 6, 2007

Anyone had a reduction on ...

I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy in 1991 (at the age ...


sdfmeg Nov 5, 2007

To reconstruct or not

I am interested in others' views about reconstruction. Within 10 ...


Freyja Nov 4, 2007

Secondary Breast Cancer

I was most interested in listening to your talk this ...


FairyLaini Nov 3, 2007

Women living with Stage 4 cancer

During October there's always an enormous amount of coverage of ...


rosamundejan e Nov 2, 2007

Emotional Issues.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November 2003. Although my ...


mylifeisforl iving Nov 1, 2007

Winding down this topic

Hello all,Yesterday's phone-in was the last item in the Woman's ...


anna - HOST Nov 1, 2007

Wed 17 oct - were you ...

i switched on during womans hour - the guest was talking about how ...


yvonne22 Nov 1, 2007

Lack of confidence

I had BC 3 years ago at age 50. I am fine now (well, you never ...


rockSueBee Nov 1, 2007

No to Chemotherapy. No to ...

I have recently had surgery of a lumpectomy and am currently ...


Anjeneya Nov 1, 2007

Lobular cancer can't be ...

How many women are there who know that lobular breast cancer is ...


tiredofchemo Nov 1, 2007

Hormones in milk

Cancer Research UK needs to keep up... If milk does not cause ...


jlbutler Nov 1, 2007


I managed to avoid the very major surgury involved in removal of ...


serandipity Nov 1, 2007

Eating problems, has anyone ...

I seem to have lost the will to eat, I'm having radiation right ...


Jayne2007 Nov 1, 2007


Until I had a compulsory mammo at the age of 50 I had no idea I ...


lynnwesthead Nov 1, 2007


I had a mastectomy and full lymph node clearance nearly 4 years ...


izmark Nov 1, 2007

no subject

Hi don't want to start a new discussion really - just needed ...


moribundy Oct 31, 2007


I have taken Tamoxifen for just over 2 years and have now ...


hillymy Oct 31, 2007

A sad little story...

Seven years ago following my first mammogram at the age of fifty, I ...


happynow Oct 31, 2007

Side-effects they don't tell ...

When I developed breast cancer I was fortunate enough not to ...


Alexa21 Oct 31, 2007

Arimidex, yes or no

Thanks to all the posts on the Board, you have all helped me to ...


Magstr Oct 31, 2007

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