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"Are you all right there?"

"Are you all right there?" seems to be the new "Can I help you?" ...


Bert Coules Jun 13, 2011

The boards are open!

I can post a new discussion. Was the threatened closure an April ...


AmosBurke Apr 1, 2011

to David Crosbie

Thank you for all your interesting posts.


Matthew Mar 31, 2011

Messageboard closures

To all our messageboard usersI’m the editor of the Radio 4 and ...


Leigh Aspin Mar 31, 2011

More ghastly language on 'Today'.

Thursday 24th March, just before 09:00. If you were unfortunate ...


NewellsOldBo y Mar 31, 2011

What is a county town?

I always thought Preston was the CT of Lancs and that is where ...


Pumblechook Mar 31, 2011


Why OK?


Pumblechook Mar 31, 2011

Basically ...

... has replaced "you know".25 x today already


ladyhedgehog Mar 31, 2011

Industrial Language...

I'm sure that, at one time or another, we have all had jobs ...


MAY-DAY Mar 31, 2011

100 words, 874 minutes

The Italian manager (or is it "coach"?) of the English ...


Preacher Mar 31, 2011


Does it mean anything or just easy to send in Morse? CQD SOS de MGY.


Pumblechook Mar 31, 2011

Is your home accent generally ...

Maybe it's a bit silly to start a new thread so soon before this ...


Caro Mar 31, 2011

Why no podcast?

I'm not sure if this topic has been raised before but can ...


Andy C Mar 31, 2011

RIP Me Capello

Word lover 'Maître Capello' né Jacques Capelovici died recently ...


germinator Mar 30, 2011

Counting Backwards

First, second, third, fourth etc.... is there a punchy way to ...


elderberry Mar 30, 2011

Balls on the air

One Ed Balls, a shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, in a broadcast ...


Preacher Mar 30, 2011

Essential English Word of ...

What a horribly anglo-centric programme, you can only be ...


Tegwch Mar 30, 2011

There's more than one 'R' ...

Why do many people who should know better persist in saying ...


suatelatonan ti Mar 29, 2011


When my children were small, their favourite film was the Disney ...


Pip Mar 28, 2011

A Sad Pedant Writes

After hearing the estimable BBC correspondent Bridget Kendall ...


Rog Mar 28, 2011

A pence for your thoughts...

The widespread reports and discussions following the ...


max joe Mar 27, 2011

How standardized must you be?

I am marking my son's English class's work. They are not top ...


Caro Mar 27, 2011

Language and the State

Nobody has commented on the new Word of Mouth broadcast. I found ...


David Crosbie Mar 27, 2011

'Looked-after children'

Is there some unwritten rule that terms used by various ...


PetPig Mar 26, 2011

Grand -Neice or Great-Neice ...

As perhaps more etymological and more logical (IMNSHO) I argued ...


Mr_Red Mar 26, 2011

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