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Has anyone else had trouble ...

My Barclaycard credit card was fraudulently used to purchase ...


katebarrie Feb 7, 2011

Tea tested on animals?

I was surprised by an announcement from Unilever that their Liptons ...


Galahad Feb 7, 2011

What is an ethnic group?

My local police force has engaged a company that goes round the ...


Two Wheels Feb 7, 2011

A stronger national ... what we need says the Prime Minister. What do you ...


Ken More Feb 7, 2011

What's that in the right-hand ...

Wow! You can now search the messageboards!Have a go and let ...


anna - HOST Feb 7, 2011

Why are they called stairs ...

I have just returned from an unfamiliar town where I sought ...


fitz Feb 7, 2011

Loo seat up

Since half the population can wee standing up, why isn't every loo ...


elderberry Feb 6, 2011

The Bookclub - why do you listen?

Hi everyone, I'm a student at the University of Derby and I'm ...


jessderbystu dent Feb 6, 2011

British anxiety about ...

Recent research suggests that in Britain the level of anxiety ...


Galahad Feb 5, 2011

Wasn't it Thursday yesterday?

Shouldn't this board be gone, Anna?Why are we still here?It's ...


ravaged-not- ruined Feb 5, 2011

re moderators, question for Anna?

At the moment all my posts go into a moderators queue. This started ...


scribblingsc ribe Feb 4, 2011

Popular Sentiment Within ...

Although the general consensus of opinion in a people or society, ...


Orenthius Feb 4, 2011

Roadside memorials

It has now become commonplace to see flowers left at the side of ...


Galahad Feb 3, 2011

Closing this topic

Yes, as the QQ Team say, today's is the last episode in the ...


anna - HOST Feb 3, 2011

Why do some drivers not use ...

Why do some drivers not use the inside lane on motorways? It ...


scribblingsc ribe Feb 2, 2011

Left-handed minority

I've often wondered why right-handed people outnumber ...


PetPig Feb 2, 2011

Now This Is A Serious Question

And it needs a serious answer.A nipple and a penis are ...


LS Feb 2, 2011

Work for people with ...

I have been suffering with Arthritis for over ten years, ...


barnseybsc Feb 2, 2011

Blurred vision

I am short-sighted - about minus 8.5 dioptres.Without my glasses, ...


alphamnemoni c Jan 31, 2011

Jon Snow

What was a book Jon Snow chose to take to his desert island in ...


John Hicks Jan 31, 2011

World's Most Offensive Song?

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has banned Dire Straits' ...


Serangoon Jan 30, 2011

pity me co Durham

re origins of place names, your guest on the programme 27 01 ...


r padgett Jan 30, 2011

"No Spitting"

The camels spitting thread seems to have spawned a wonderful ...


QQ_Team Jan 29, 2011

Weather economics

There has been much discussion of whether and if so to what extent ...


RCWhiting Jan 29, 2011

Milk Floats

Whatever became of all those eco friendly vehicles?


DireTribe Jan 28, 2011

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