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Behind every door is a story. When looking through the windows of ...


*** Sep 14, 2006

Home Truths replacement - ...

A way back in those golden days of radio when fury still raged over ...


GiulioNapoli tani Sep 13, 2006

Home Truths board to close

Hi everybody,As many of you have already guessed, now that Home ...


anna - HOST Sep 11, 2006

Still Missing HT

I'm sory all you HT haters, but I'm still missing it.When I ...


ruth-less Sep 10, 2006

What are we doing here?

If Home Truths is dead, what on earth are we doing here? Why ...


Earthwoman Sep 10, 2006

1956 Lewisham train crash

Last week there was someone on HT talking about her experiences in ...


crossbill Sep 6, 2006

my home truth

i grew up in a family that was often at war with each ...


proview789 Aug 30, 2006

Truth? What truth?

What is the truth? Do we have to dig through the different layers ...


*** Aug 24, 2006

My Bipolar Story - assist ...

Home Truths story of James .......... Im expecting to take ...


lucky105 Aug 23, 2006

Fees and Jaguars

A lot of people complain about the TV license fees which ultimately ...


dRasTic Aug 18, 2006

Perpetual motion and the test ...

I wasn't sure where to put this one. Those who know the answer ...


nickblackbur n Aug 18, 2006

Fi Glover

The Guardian reports today that Fi Glover is the new voice for the ...


Sir Ad E Noid Aug 7, 2006

What are they doing with our ...

Have you noticed that on the Home Truths website they are still ...


supersonj Aug 5, 2006

What to do at 9am on Saturdays

Since the sad lose of HT on Saturdays I did try listening to ...


ruth-less Jul 31, 2006

Save Home Truths

Dear Mod Person,What can we do as listeners to stop the BBC ...


frogperson Jul 24, 2006

Hurrah its gone

I only realised today that it has finally ended when I heard the ...


sophiett Jul 24, 2006

Home Truths

Home Truths should be returned to the airwaves as soon as ...


apophis1 Jul 20, 2006

Tree Surgeons

Several weeks ago there was a poem on Home Truths by Ian Whitwam ...


vivien01 Jul 18, 2006

Listen again ... missing shows

I am sooooo sad. I have all the shows which are on the 'Listen ...


alandean Jul 15, 2006

BBC shoot themselves in the ...

Again the BBC are not listen to the audence needsand enjoyment. ...


maggiet-bird Jul 13, 2006

Home Truths Replacements

What a big mistake to take off Home Truths at all, let alone to ...


acceptableCa therine Jul 10, 2006

It's Not Too Much To Ask

As the UKs leading child health, care and research charity, BDF ...


CLAREGRIFF Jul 7, 2006


Hi Mike Phipps,Interesting trip up the mountain and last of the ...


laphroaigman Jul 6, 2006

Home Truths - The Book

I was very sad to hear of the demise of Home Truths, but I'm ...


ejfaulkner28 Jul 6, 2006

Replacement for Home Truths

Before I first heard Home Truths, there was no particular reason ...


janipops Jul 3, 2006

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