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Using your results

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Message 1 - posted by laurraine (U9402668) , Aug 17, 2007

I have decided to take a gap year because I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to study and where to go.

Now that I have my results, I have been considering using them and applying somewhere for one of the courses I got the highest grades in, or something related. Should I do this or would it be better to resit something, since my highest grades are a B and C? (Also I heard that some universities don't like resits, is this true?)

Or perhaps, since I'm having so much difficulty choosing something, I shouldn't be going to university at all, or should be looking to take a course in something online?
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Message 2 - posted by alan_career_adviser (U9265036) , Aug 17, 2007

Hi Laurraine,

With the grades you have you would be able to go to university this year. Decide on what course you'd like to do, contact the universities through clearing (call 0808 100 8000) for information on clearing vacancies.

Check whether your grades are acceptable for the degree courses of your choice? If not you can consider foundation degree courses or an HND which will allow you to progress onto degree courses after.

The resit option will enable you to apply next year. Universities vary on their views of applicants having done resits dependant on how popular the course is and the competition for places.

Taking the gap year route would enable you to think through your options, get some valuable work experience as well as earning some money.

There are vocational routes that will enable you to gain higher qualifications whilst in employment such as Apprenticeships and Trainee positions.Your local Connexions Centre will be able to provide this information.

I hope you find this useful.

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Message 3 - posted by laurraine (U9402668) , Aug 17, 2007

It was, thank you :) Clearing has been mentioned before, but I decided to wait to apply next year instead, and get a job or take a course in something else for an extra grade.

Can I just ask to make sure I understand it; using clearing is basically the same as applying earlier, isn't it? Except that some courses may not be available becuase all the places have already been given to others.

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Message 4 - posted by Tom (U9212850) , Aug 28, 2007

I would say taking a Gap year would the best option, you can then take the time to choose the course and university you really want to go to as apposed to being stuck with something your not 100% sure about though clearing. Plus the money you can earn (as long as you save as much as you can!) over the year will help out so much during term time. Or you could even do what I did and put all my gap year earnings aside for when I finish Uni and go traveling :) (yes I am putting off real life as long as I can!)


Plus as you already know your grades assuming the Uni wants you, you will get an Unconditional offer... always a good thing to show off with (just don't tell anyone that you got the offer as they already knew your grades!) hehe

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