Bring back Judi Bowker, NOW!!!

  • OldSkoolCool on Saturday, 17th December 2005

    This is really frustrating me, I just watched Clash of the titans on BBC2 and decided that Judi Bowker is possibley one of the hottest English actress ever in exsistence. Problem is I'm 27 and she was around that age at the time of filming, however because of the continuos nature of time it turns out shes over 50 while I have stayed 27 even after the film. I am Licence payer (its a bit late this year, but i will pay it) and so I would like the BBC to do 1 of 3 things. Number 1, employ Judi Bowker's daughter (if she has one) on top of the pops somthing like that. Or number 2 Remploy Judi Bowker and pay for extensive plastic surgery to make her look around 25 (If Jane Seymour still looks good why not Judi). Or finally option 3, Invent a time machine and either transport me to 1981 (i promise not to meet myself and mess up the space time stuff) or transport the young Judi Bowker to 2006 (obviously it will take over 2 weeks to build a time machine) and set her up on a blind date with me, as I don't know where the old Judi Bowker lives there is no chance of her meeting herself and so the space time will not implode on itself.

    If anyone agrees with me help THE BRING BACK (or send me back in time) JUDI BOWKER campaign now, please send posts to make this topic as big as possible you can make a difference and ensure that the BBC brings back true old skool talent.

    here is a link to see pics of her


    and here is a brief filmography


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    I just wrote this to put back to the top of the message board, sorry.

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    You don't think that maybe you're a little bit pervey do you?

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