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BBC Olympic topic closes Wed 5pm

Topic closing. Thanks for all of your contributions to this ...


Peta Aug 15, 2012

Olympics DVD

Can I suggest the BBC produce a DVD set of the olympics (perhaps ...


Rich Aug 15, 2012

TV coverage of the London ...

The coverage has been brilliant... Second to none. Thank you.


Stephen C Aug 16, 2012

negative questioning of D Cameron

Some lady in red interviewer this morning (Sunday) talking to the ...


mikecrispsnr Aug 15, 2012

Congratulations...BUT, ...

Overall, I cannot praise the BBC enough, but space and my writing ...


musicman Aug 15, 2012

The Olympic Closing Ceremony

Sunday 21:00 BBC One: Discuss here! A commentary free version ...


Peta Aug 15, 2012

The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Comment here! Coverage of the opening ceremony, which ...


Peta Aug 15, 2012

Biased BBC reporting

This in yesterday’s paper from New Zealand Herald:What was out of ...


lluncoolj Aug 15, 2012

No Commentary...Bliss

It was great that on the red button the closing ceremony was ...


CardinalRace r Aug 15, 2012

Coverage Australia

I'm sorry to say, but your website might be one of the worst ones ...


TD Aug 15, 2012

andy murray?

congratulations to all GB medal winners, however why is it that ...


jeff15 Aug 15, 2012

Inspire a Generation

Well I have scoured the BBC listings to see what sports are ...


Steve Aug 15, 2012

Thank you BBC

Thank you BBC for:1. the extensive and colourfulcoverage of the ...


Olympicwatch Aug 15, 2012

Coverage of Olympic Games

Fantastic by the BBC. However can we please have Chris and Sian ...


WendyE Aug 15, 2012

Womens 1500m winner

I feel that the BBC's comments on the womens 1500m final last ...


juliediab Aug 15, 2012

More female sport and diverse ...

One of the legacy's of the Olympics is to inspire a ...


Famouspasty Aug 15, 2012

Olympic Coverage

Thank you to the BBC for great coverage of the Olympics.Its sad ...


j4yjay Aug 14, 2012

Olympic coverage

Thanks you, thank you,thank absolutely wonderful, ...


sallyhenry Aug 14, 2012


Could anybody tell me which female singer sang the song IMAGINE at ...


Minki2012 Aug 14, 2012

Question about music please - ...

Just before Jess Ennis ran in the 800 m, tere was a little montage ...


Allister Aug 14, 2012

BBC Sports Channel

Hi- just encouraging everyone to urge BBC TV to start a Sports ...


Lynda 8 Aug 14, 2012


Congratulations to the BBC and presenters for coverage of ...


Joan Lew Aug 14, 2012


Now the Olympics has ended, I am just wondering if the ...


Concerned Aug 14, 2012

Olympics BBC Sport Player - ...

Just confirming before the folder closes for good, do we have ...


NethLyn2 Aug 14, 2012

Olympic coverage

Congratulations on the olympic coverage.Is there any intention ...


AndyPay Aug 14, 2012

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