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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    I cannot receive any BBC HD programmes. There seems to be a new red button which comes on after a few seconds then the picture goes off and stays off but the sound remains. Pressing the red button gives no access to the usual red button content on SD. If this has only been introduced to give extra coverage e.g. for Wimbledon then why is it affecting every single programme on BBC1 HD and BBC2 HD?

    I bought my new Freeview HD receiver/recorder only last year from Currys. I have checked to see if there is an update I can download but there isn't one. Thousands of people must be affected as it was sold in the high street and online and I think is still on sale. Please don't tell me my set is obsolete after only a year - I cannot afford to replace it. Can anyone help?

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Hi Mr T

    Freeview - HD Availability

    It depends where you live. HD TV is available on Freeview in some areas and coverage has increased following the digital switchover.

    To find out whether Freeview HD is available in your area and how to get it, please visit the Freeview HD website.

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Hi Peta

    I was receiving BBC HD programmes fine until last week. This is an issue with the new red button on HD.

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Mr T

    Sorry that you are having problems -
    Can I suggest that you post the Model number of the TV set / STB - and where you are / which platform -I except DTT (freeview)
    as the problem is not reported on Digital Spy (which is where Techies like I also hang out)
    but report the fault via the RTIS website - contact here "Report a Fault"
    this also has links to

    But it does look to be a fault more at your end - so unplug the TV set from the mains and then after 30 secs plug it in again...
    That may put it in a good frame of mind!!!

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Sorry I should have said Receiver recorder/ STB need to have been unplugged / re plugged. .....

    I have tried it with My TV - and unlike SD when it goes to Red button when you press Red - there is a Blue button prompt which offers you the red button video or "return to BBC one" ....

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Mr T

    Sorry that you are having problems -
    Can I suggest that you post the Model number of the TV set / STB - and where you are / which platform -I except DTT (freeview)
    as the problem is not reported on Digital Spy (which is where Techies like I also hang out)
    but report the fault via the RTIS website - contact here "Report a Fault"
    this also has links to 
    Thanks for your reply, Technologist. The model is the Technisat HDFV which got good reviews though not perfect. You can record HD to USB sticks or an external disk but only play them back through the same unit to prevent piracy.

    I've tried unplugging and plugging in but to no avail. A similar thing happened during the Olympics but ONLY the Olympic broadcasts themselves were affected and someone discovered that you could still record them and play them back. This time all BBC HD programmes are affected and recording doesn't work either, i.e. I can no longer watch Any BBC HD programmes.

    Thanks for the link to RTIS - I'll try that and anyone else affected should do the same.

    Can anyone confirm why the red button has been introduced on HD? It doesn't seem to give any access to the usual red button Teletext you get on SD. If it is only to provide a short cut to coverage of e.g. Wimbledon and Glastobury on other channels then the effect on me and others is completely disproportionate. If there is coverage on e.g. BBC3 just press 7, and then Back to return to HD - it is quicker than pressing the red button, scrolling down the options and selecting BBC3...

    If the red button on HD were to go back to how it was in the Olympics I could at least watch other BBC HD programmes and perhaps even use record to get around this very serious problem.

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    let RTIS (which is operated by the BBC) sorting out problems ...

    Technisat had a problem last year with the OLympics
    but as I said Digital spy is not reporting anything - and they are usually very very good at finding errors!

    Detail on the BBC red button this summer are in Alix Pryde's blog

    I hope that you get things back ....

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    I hope RTIS will sort this out but they didn't ask for an email address to reply to me. It is also possible to complain online here:

    Thanks for the link to the blog. One of the replies is from someone else who has the same problem - I think thousands of homes will have this model as it was widely available in the UK and is still for sale. POV seems to be more on the ball than Digital Spy... The glitch with the Olympics was minor compared with this one.

    There is some suggestion that this HD red button is just for Glastonbury, Wimbledon etc and will be removed thereafter. I hope it is withdrawn as soon as Wimbledon is finished and I cannot understand why it has been introduced before those events have started and why it appears on all HD programmes not just those to which the extra coverage directly relates.

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Monday, 17th June 2013

    Have you contacted the Manufacturers ..... ???? 0845 467 1935
    As Alix pointed out in her blog - the BBC tests (and sometimes uses independent test facilities ) the changes in its services - and in so far as there are no widespread issues reported it may just be one model / one set of firmware/software which is giving problems.

    It is very unfortunate that you and others have a problem ..... but it is up to the manufacturer to find the cure.

    This has been a issue with broadcasting - and there are well defined specifications and a suite of tests which it has to pass to permit it to be a "freeview HD" box.
    But the tests cannot check everything ...
    But the manufacturer can look at the transmitted signal and then look at their firmware and see where it is going wrong .. and send an update either over the air or to down load ..

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    Thanks for that - yes I contacted Technisat. They say it is not compatible with the BBC's new red button on HD and have so far indicated they will not do an update. I agree with you that they should and I have sent them a complaint. I think the issue is that they now focus on their Freesat products instead.

    This is the problem, they blame the BBC for bringing in a new red button, the sole reason for which seems to be so that people don't have to press 303 for the new and probably temporary HD stream. The BBC blames the manufacturers for not being compliant when this issue was flagged up during the Olympics and the BBC should have checked to see this problem was cured before making the situation very much worse for all those who have bought this set.

    This is the third serious problem I have had with Freeview sets in as many years caused by the BBC. I had to throw out my Pace SD Freeview box because it was not compatible with changes to the BBC's SD red button. It was a good one that cost me £100 and had stereo outputs and was a popular model. I then had problems with sound distortion with some of my favourite programmes including Frozen Planet and Strictly on my LG TV. With help from people on this forum this problem was largely fixed by the BBC but I still have this problem occasionally including with "Africa". It was one reason I bought the Technisat because it didn't have the sound problem. Now this set seems to have been rendered useless so people don't have to press 303 or select it from their EPG. I have never had any problems from any ITV changes to Freeview in 20 years...

    Perhaps BBC engineers could approach Technisat and help them to find a solution. Failing that they could use the HD red button used in the Olympics for the same purpose, i.e extra streams. That was limited to relevant programmes meaning my box would still work for other BBC HD programmes. I wonder how many people watched Tahiti v Nigeria on 303 last night... I would have much preferred to see the excellent programme on the science of measurement on BBC4 in HD instead (in the absence of a red button preventing me from watching it of course).

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    I have little doubt that the BBC is talking to the manufacturer.... and with some vigour and helpfulness!!!
    But I am sorry taht you are not getting teh probelm solved !

    The BBC is not the only broadcaster who uses MHEG5 to control what you see - but it does use it extensively to give viewers access to its Red Button text and "side channel video".

    I do not know the details of this instance but - as everyone else seems to get it right (and there are over 500 different TV/STB on the market at the moment - which it does address separately (at some cost) for iplayer and soon to be connected Red button.... )
    but for a broadcast signal all have to fit the transmitted signal.
    ITV does not use MHEG5 at all!!!

    This is not a new Problem - about 20 years ago I had many many thousand rental TVs recalled for a hardware modification as their NICAM sound made "farting noises" if the broadcaster (in this case it was ITV!!) did something entirely within specification with the bitstream - they just assumed no one would use those bits.
    ..... and I and "Martyn the retired" who posts here can tell you all sorts of tales of where the receiver did strange things and the work done to determine a solution with/ by the manufacturers.... and much of this was with "simple" analogue TV..with NICAM and Teletext .....

    A lot of these were fed into the process that gave the UK the D book which is one reason why DTT works so well in the UK. .

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    Thanks for that. Martyn was very helpful with the sound problem I had. I worry about further proposed changes to the red button!...


    A friend told me the red button on BBC1 HD had changed its appearance for the lunchtime news so I checked my Technisat HDFV again and it seems the BBC has changed the HD red button to the one used in the Olympics. The screen still goes black as soon as the red button appears but IMPORTANTLY if you press record (or pause then play) you get the picture back. Hooray! This is still not ideal as many users will remain unaware of this but at least there is now a practical workaround and I don't have to throw my 1-year-old set in the skip. Thank you for listening.

    Please BBC could you restrict this new HD red button to programmes to which the extra coverage is directly relevant, e.g. Glastonbury, Wimbledon etc and withdraw it altogether as soon as those events have ended. Alternatively please work with Technisat to do a proper bug-free fix. I would emphasise that most owners of this set will not be aware of this change or the recording workaround as all BBC HD programmes will still go blank while the red button is used so they will still think their set is broken.

    I am glad the BBC seems to be trying to fix this problem and thank you Technologist and others at POV for their help. Perhaps you would post details of the new recording workaround for the HDFV at Digital Spy as you are already known there. Many thanks.

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    Glad you have some resolution -
    I have posted a reference to this thread and what to press to get the picture back

    hope you enjoy your viewing!!
    (Routemasters 9pm BBC2 will be mine tonight!)

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    Posted by MrT (U15054385) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    Many thanks for that, Technologist. I'm leaning more to Porcelain on BBC4 in lowly SD but we'll see!

    I hope we get a proper fix for this bug but at least there is now a practical workaround (HDFV users will obviously need suitable recording media attached such as a fast USB stick or external USB2 hard disk which needs to be turned on before the HDFV as usual).

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    Posted by Sue_Aitch (U3336990) on Thursday, 1st August 2013

    Just wondering if the Tech box bug was fixed.

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