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Have Your Say appalling changes

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by corum-populo-2010 (U14355249) on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010

    Message #5. Sue Denim.

    Thank you Sue. Whatever the perceived 'failings' assumed by the BBC of 'original' HYS; or suggested 'hi-jacking by some groups' - at least everyone had the option to 'recommend', ignore or counter-argue, or 'counter-recommend' extreme views?

    It's true, many uninformed comments were recommended, but many more concise and insightful views were too. Plus, the format was user-friendly and 500 limit honed submission of comment.

    Therefore, no excuse, or proven argument for removing 'recommend' option on HYS.

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  • Message 82

    , in reply to message 81.

    Posted by G-IcestationZebra (U5310554) on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010

    While I also much preferred the old format on the HYS threads.

    The "most reccommended" posts were often the very first posts made as well.

    One could click on the "reccommend" button at any time.

    But in order to have your own person opinion on the subject appear it had to wait in a moderation queue - at minimum for hours - at longest for well over a day.

    As soon as any HYS topic had been up a while you would see "replies posted 592" followed by "replies awaiting moderation 1123"

    There were usually many more posts awaiting moderation than had actually been posted.

    Meanwhile, the posts in the "most reccommended" tab kept getting vote after vote after vote, many times just because they were at the front of the list and many posters didnt have time to scan through all of the other posts.

    By the time a new post got on, the thread would close before it could build up any steam and tally up a representative amount of reccommendations of its own.

    In all honesty, many of the "Most Reccommended" posts where the ones that were most reccommended out of timing rather than content.

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  • Message 83

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Snotty (U14365493) on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010

    Have Your Say has had appalling changes. Now it is just a blog style.

    Clearly this is deliberately done with all the non BBC approved views being the most recommended on the previous system. Just as the election looms. What a coincidence.


    The left-wing biased and politically correct BBC has been cutting down the opportunities for the people, who pay its License Tax, to contribute to the debate.

    The Today messageboards were weakened and then removed, the Radio 5 Live News messageboards were removed and now Have Your Say has been made unusable.

    The BBC don't seem to like the people's view point. The sooner the BBC is either closed down or brought under control the better.

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  • Message 84

    , in reply to message 82.

    Posted by corum-populo-2010 (U14355249) on Wednesday, 3rd March 2010

    #82 'Guitarzan'

    Yes, I agree that some posts were overly 'recommended' as moderation queue was enormous? That was shabby.

    However, I suggest that the 'run down' of old HYS that enabled, what you fairly described, was deliberate 'by neglect' in preparation long before new HYS format raised it's tedious head?

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  • Message 85

    , in reply to message 84.

    Posted by G-IcestationZebra (U5310554) on Wednesday, 3rd March 2010

    Yes, could very well be corum populo.

    It seemed that on average, there were 2 or 3 new HYS topics started each day, along with another 1 or 2 other HYS topics previously opened, but still taking new postings.

    In all, that equals thousands of replies every day.

    I dont know what sort of moderation screening process the posts went through - whether it be automated screenings looking for key words that would violate the house rules - or actual reading and screening by staff.

    If it was the human factor, maybe it just became too much in its old form and that is why it switched to blog form.

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  • Message 86

    , in reply to message 85.

    Posted by A Williams (U5976897) on Thursday, 4th March 2010

    The BBC trust is having a public consultation on "Getting the best out of the BBC for licence fee payers", the survey can be found at


    This is a very usefull survey in which to raise concerns over the BBC's online policies.

    Funny how there has not been much reporting on this survey on the BBC? Almost like they do not want the public completing the BBC Trust consultation survey.

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  • Message 87

    , in reply to message 83.

    Posted by Surabaya Johnny (U1163609) on Thursday, 4th March 2010


    //The left-wing biased and politically correct BBC//

    I wouldn't say it was particularly "left wing", but perhaps any "liberal" bias on the BBC is simply reflective of the views of the general poulation.

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  • Message 88

    , in reply to message 87.

    Posted by JamesStGeorge (U225334) on Thursday, 4th March 2010

    My complaint has been logged in their 'audience log' circulated daily to top BBC staff and the Web team responsible.

    The more they get officially logged the more they may see they have got it wrong!

    Complain, complain, complain!

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  • Message 89

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by z (U9984902) on Friday, 5th March 2010

    As for the "Changes to Have Your Say":
    There are no REAL changes as they have just degenerated it into the 'bog (I KNOW how to spell blog) OF journalists' (!) instead of HYS which was OUR place!

    The development of HYS was always a device adopted by the BBC to take control of the agenda and selectively censor content.

    As a new user of these boards you will not be aware of the brave experiment that the BBC did I suppose about ten years ago now.

    The board format allowed discussion of 'any' issue and the agenda was not controlled by bureaucrats at the BBC.

    A resume of what they did is in that thread I quoted.

    Unfortunately someone told them to stop it! They are afterall in the government's pocket, and they were very afraid of what the Blair coterie did to them.

    It is just a matter now of closing these boards down as this is the last bastion where people can actually get at the BBC.

    Actually the BBC shot itself in the foot by preventing people discussing the affairs of the day without censorship.

    Now the only thing left to discuss is how useless the BBC forums are i.e. the BBC takes the stick in its capacity as the government's whipping boy.

    If I was the DG I wouldn't be too happy about that, but then he's got his pension and knighthood to think aboutsmiley - biggrin

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  • Message 90

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by old codger (U14116003) on Friday, 5th March 2010

    is this their way of gagging the public ,then they can claim no complaints ,or are they cowtowing to political demands of no critisism,

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  • Message 91

    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by passmeachocolate (U14350026) on Monday, 8th March 2010

    <quote> Others HYS comments simply were held back until such a time where they'd be buried under a load of newer comments or magically got approved in time for the topic to close says everything. Not to mention the comments rejected despite not breaking house rules.</quote>

    These two mechanisms have been used constantly by the moderators of HYS to manipulate and distort apparent public opinion to better support the BBC's unashamed pro-government agenda </quote>

    Indeed the moderators use this devise on all the boards , 'temporarily' hiding posts that do not break the rules but which offer effective argument against their PC line, only to reappear sometimes days later by which time the thread has moved on several pages and there is little chance of them being read.

    BBC moderators are incredibly sneaky in their tactics.

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  • Message 92

    , in reply to message 90.

    Posted by corum-populo-2010 (U14355249) on Monday, 8th March 2010

    Complain and complain again.

    Points of View has this message board. But so far have failed to respond and advertise, at all, it's next program at on what day and time?

    Until Points of View as, a license-paid program respond sooner rather than later at the complaints about changes in Have Your Say, then perhaps we can assume BBC are gearing up for Tory cuts or more Labour censorship?

    Poacher or gamekeeper? The BBC are wealthy by income-stream, selling popular license paid programs globally - yet have destroyed the economic Have Your Say site by removing 'recommend' click - not through economic reasons, but purely political jobsworth?

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  • Message 93

    , in reply to message 90.

    Posted by corum-populo-2010 (U14355249) on Monday, 8th March 2010

    The whole point of original HYS was comments could be 'recommended' by members, counter-argued or counter-recommend by more insightful comments.

    No, original HYS format wasn't perfect - but that was the democratic beauty of it?

    Yes, some original HYS format subjects were abused by 'nutters' or extreme views?

    So what, similar (paid) abuse happens during PMQs weekly?

    NO EXCUSE TO ELIMINATE 'recommend' option as explained above.

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