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Confirmation of BBC political bias

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    Posted by bandythebane (U14204221) on Tuesday, 1st December 2009

    And how about the news that we get now that Paul Hudson received the Climategate emails as early as 12th October and passed them on to his colleagues in the BBC. Richard Black and his mates then sat on it for a week or so before an anodyne report on it as a "theft".

    It is too early to call the BBC a "Ministry for Truth" but it appears to be working hard to earn the designation.

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    Posted by Barny (U13453961) on Tuesday, 1st December 2009

    Thanks for your interesting post last night.

    I have just checked out how long the so-called "Have Your Say" Lasted?
    "What is the Impact of Climate Change on Wales?"
    -actually 7 hours- it closed down yesterday,the same day that it started.

    The answers people gave were not correct.

    We are in Wales currently suffering a period (during Copenhagen presumably) of serialised propaganda from BBC Wales- Maybe somebody should open a new thread so that we can monitor the output and comment on the worst excesses?

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