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Furious about license fee

Why should every house get threatening letters sent every ...


new_genius Dec 23, 2005


I missed loads of episodes of 'Funland' - always forgot when ...


Salty Dog Dec 23, 2005

Spelling on sub-titles

Did anyone watch Songs of Praise last Sunday? It's good that they ...


blueyonder Dec 22, 2005

evolution vs inteligent design

In parts of the USA a debate is raging about whether or not ...


vernington Dec 21, 2005

Dear Nice Host People

Could I please be removed from pre-moderation?I promise to ...


Smiley Smiley ... Dec 20, 2005

The BBC never cease to amaze me

I have had some threads pulled today . NONE contained anything ...


Ossy Dec 20, 2005

Please a telephone number to ...

BBC:I have been listening to BBC for 25 years in North America. ...


Lee Roy Sanders, Jr. Dec 19, 2005

Bring back Judi Bowker, NOW!!!

This is really frustrating me, I just watched Clash of the titans ...


OldSkoolCool Dec 19, 2005

Messageboard glitches last night

Hi all,I'm posting this on behalf of my colleagues in the ...


Doug Dec 19, 2005

Iranian assassination attempt?

Why is the BBC not covering this?


U1475441 Dec 18, 2005


I have had so many bad experiences, and from other ...


ampers Dec 17, 2005

Do they need help?

What is the matter with all those poor people at the beeb who are ...


pekinese Dec 17, 2005

'Get Writing' was a failure

Talking about success and all the great stuff the beeb have ...


AcuteLove Dec 15, 2005


Twitching.. Human, does not mean we are allowed to make ...


Lee Roy Sanders, Jr. Dec 15, 2005

John Wiseman

What a legd he shouled have a BBC 2 program about science and be ...


mattyc3210 Dec 14, 2005

Talking Heads

Having read the article on the news site about 400 complaints ...


hammerstein_ 04 Dec 13, 2005


Hello,I was again soooo annoyed today when listening to the BBC ...


Manu Marulanda Dec 13, 2005

Ice Hockey on a BBC TV Channel?

Years ago the BBC used to show Ice Hockeyon Grandstand would it be ...


U2467407 Dec 8, 2005

Paris Unrest.

Last year when i was visiting Paris it was so good to roam ...


abanee Dec 8, 2005

the naked rambler

I was absolutely appalled by your recent programme the naked ...


noblesunlove r Dec 7, 2005

Jerry Springer...

...rears his operatic head again.Ah, memories - it was the ...


superfurryan dy Dec 7, 2005

Public Service Broadcasting.

Do you think PSB has a role in today's multi-channel ...


Jenny (IceColdK... Dec 6, 2005

Animal Park

We love Animal Park but we never know when a new series is about ...


cardiganman Dec 5, 2005

BBC = No accountability

I'm fed up with the BBC with the way they opperate. You complain ...


Steve-o Dec 4, 2005

Bill Oddie

What a man


mattyc3210 Dec 2, 2005

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