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The Playlist(er)

Blues? Indie rock? Ska? Ghetto Flava Industrial Crankcore? (ok, ...


Turner 4 Weeks Ago

news on web

Why is the BBc news site trying to be like Sky and the Mail? I ...


sandi 4 Weeks Ago

BBC EU Bias - Lord hall to be ... cle-3010271/MPs-attack-BBC-biased...


Cyril-Furr 4 Weeks Ago

Thank you Mr Yentob

I don't BUY the Daily Mail - I read in on line for nothing. ...


pyanaman 4 Weeks Ago


It may not be a riveting programme (BBC2 March 26th 2015 4:45pm ) ...


Cornish Pixie 4 Weeks Ago

Please uphold the moral ...

Jeremy Clarkson is alleged to have physically assaulted, verbally ...


Rainman 4 Weeks Ago

BBC should stand its ground

Against unreasonable Tory (only) demands for a leaders debate ...


ashleyhr 5 Weeks Ago

most read on the BBC website...

Recently one of the excuses a BBC boss came out with for including ...


wolfie 5 Weeks Ago

What is up with the BBC?

The BBC hosts a serious debate about whether and where the ...


Eamonn_Shute 5 Weeks Ago


This post has been removed.


Polemicist 5 Weeks Ago

The sun is 400 times bigger ...

How can the bbc let a person who is a specialist say such drivel. ...


GLENN 5 Weeks Ago

BBC Web Site New Design

Just seen the new BBC web site design, absolutely horrible on ...


TassoGrosso 5 Weeks Ago

offensive words...

the bbc have today described a certain word as not racially ...


wolfie 5 Weeks Ago


Is it too much to hope that some one on the book programme should ...


Dodo Georgevic 5 Weeks Ago

BBC world service - on Ebay??

Perhaps Myles might like to buy it, only £1000 at the ...


Cyril-Furr 5 Weeks Ago

Danny Cohen

Does anyone else think there should be an enquiry (about ...


pyanaman 5 Weeks Ago

local radio on freeview...

does anyone know if theres going to be a further roll out of bbc ...


wolfie 5 Weeks Ago

Honesty, Integrity and Public ...

As the BBC often claims to be a "transparent organisation" ...


Snibor 5 Weeks Ago

Charles Kennedy...

Were the BBC irresponsible to allow him to appear...on ...


wolfie 5 Weeks Ago

Jonathan Ross Back At The BBC

Why has Jonathan Ross now been allowed to return to the BBC ...


Polemicist 5 Weeks Ago

BBC new trustees

The DCMS has today announced the appointment of Sir Roger Carr, ...


technologist 5 Weeks Ago

Budget 2015

Can somebody at the BBC please explain why "Petrol duty frozen ...


AmosBurke 5 Weeks Ago

It's all gone sqwonky

Have the style sheets wandered off again?


captainMouse 6 Weeks Ago

Victim left 15% shorter after ...

Yet another blooper.I never tire of reading you describing the 4 ...


Jamie F 6 Weeks Ago

should all the tv election ...

go ahead...even if one of the pliticians concerned has ...


wolfie 6 Weeks Ago

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