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New Presenter of Strictly ...

On the One Show tonight Chris Evans has intimated that he is ...


Stella Gill Last Week

Story blocked

So on the home page of the Business tab there's a picture ...


U14576049 Last Week

Can somebody please tell me...

...why the BBC only shows regional news programmes for the London ...


scrapthebbcn ow 2 Weeks Ago

no subject

Having reached the advanced age of 75 I was immensely cheered by ...


Geordie Driver 2 Weeks Ago

sport on the bbc

I am not a sport viewer so when anything big happens the bbc ...


john 2 Weeks Ago

Live streaming still a mess!

I've made a couple of posts on this subject before but things ...


Nick 2 Weeks Ago

Live Glastonbury keeps ...

I don't know,if they(BBC) know but it is impossible to watch ...


mrdrum2013 2 Weeks Ago


This post has been removed.


wolfie 2 Weeks Ago

New BBC iPlayer Bad design.

Ok so I have been having a play with the new version of BBC ...


lucid 2 Weeks Ago


Please can you make an ajustment to Iplayer...I listen to Radio 4 ...


Carlamaria 2 Weeks Ago

BBC charter & funding - TV ...

The Goverenment, is looking long & hard at the BBC's future - & ...


Cyril-Furr 2 Weeks Ago

Lenny Henry

I hope I'm not duplicating a thread, and if so I hope someone ...


Rosemary 2 Weeks Ago


who should replace him...can you think of someone suited for the ...


wolfie 2 Weeks Ago

No choice on BBC in the afternnon

Why is the BBC broadcasting the same thing on both BBC1 and BBC2 ...


Neil McD 3 Weeks Ago

Is displaying an image of ...

After clicking into the BBC news website today, I saw a large ...


Lisa 3 Weeks Ago


Why did the bbc suddenly decide to disconnect this useful service ...


wolfie 3 Weeks Ago

The Crimson Field has been axed.

Having watched this series, which I enjoyed very much, I am very ...


Ms Gray 3 Weeks Ago

city of faith

Just wanted to congratulate bbc northern ireland on this ...


val 3 Weeks Ago


This post has been removed.


refitman 3 Weeks Ago

Low Quality iplayer live

I've been "trying" to watch some of the World Cup on the BBC ...


BbcHaterz 3 Weeks Ago

BBC presenters advertising...

I've noticed a long standing well respected BBC sports presenter ...


wolfie 3 Weeks Ago

no iplayer Licence

Having only just watched POV's last series and only as far as ...


jasineil 3 Weeks Ago

1997 BBC broadcast on Eliava ...

Hello,I was redirected on this messageboard from "BBC archive" ...


Lichen 4 Weeks Ago

backchat fathers day...

Ross made a joke about somebody whose up in court as we ...


wolfie 4 Weeks Ago

BBC scheduling...

Why do the BBC tweak their schedules by the odd few minutes ...


wolfie 4 Weeks Ago

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