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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor Nov 17, 2013

Talk radio...

THE place to discuss talk radio on the bbc...whether it be Nicky ...


wolfie 8 Hours Ago

The Playlist(er)

Blues? Indie rock? Ska? Ghetto Flava Industrial Crankcore? (ok, ...


Turner 9 Hours Ago

Last night's 'Coast' (winter) ... /b04cktj1/coast-series-9-6-winter...


ashleyhr 11 Hours Ago

the mail and the BBC..

I was reading a 1963 edition of the mail the other day...and ...


wolfie 11 Hours Ago

hottest day of the year..

Why do the BBC weather guys continually tell us ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

Reporting and news on Gaza

I am truly sick to death of the bias in reporting regarding this ...


Ris 3 Days Ago

A bit of favouritism

Why the Guardian should get almost daily plugs on BBC 3 Breakfast ...


repiner 3 Days Ago


At approximately 2.05 I was watching BBC iPlayer News and ...


Archer Last Week

New Presenter of Strictly ...

On the One Show tonight Chris Evans has intimated that he is ...


Stella Gill Last Week Sports Live Scores

The new Live Scores pages for sports on the BBC website are ...


Indication Last Week

When did the BBC become so ...

I always thought the BBC was meant to be unbiased. As few years ...


TaffInLondon Last Week

bbc website...

notice theres an old news report on the bbc website...on the most ...


wolfie Last Week

That advert for the BBC ...

This advert has been shown again on the News Channel recently, ...


ashleyhr Last Week

Freeview - EVERY BBC channel ...

Since the Commonwealth Games started EVERY BBC television ...


Spinning_hea d Last Week

Accrington Stanley ~ top of ...

On the BBC sports' football website none of the teams in ...


on stanley on Last Week


So we have an answer about why the BBC uses channel logos (Digital ...


Daryl Millar Last Week

Language and americanisms

There have been a number of posts about mispronunciation of ...


pavlovsdog Last Week

Use of the present/past tense

BBC - please stop using headlines like this:"A man dies when he is ...


Melvin 2 Weeks Ago


In the Media Show this afternoon, the discussion centred on the ...


Kaschner 2 Weeks Ago

continuous changing of BBC ...

I wonder if it is reallly necessary to change so ...


ROSINA 2 Weeks Ago

no subject

Do we really need all this coverage of the commonwealth ...


kittykathy 3 Weeks Ago

BBC viewing figures down

Lord Hall cites the Olympics and the Royal Pageant for the ...


Radioactiveo ldduffer 3 Weeks Ago

Religious crank attacks the BBC ogs/ken-ham/2014/07/19/bbc-staff-...


ashleyhr 3 Weeks Ago

Historians using Present Tense

Why do historians, especially on BBC programmes, use the present ...


robt 3 Weeks Ago

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