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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor Nov 17, 2013

Religious crank attacks the BBC ogs/ken-ham/2014/07/19/bbc-staff-...


ashleyhr 27 Minutes Ago

Language and americanisms

There have been a number of posts about mispronunciation of ...


pavlovsdog 4 Hours Ago


looks like they may be putting the 30 day iplayer on hold for a ...


wolfie 8 Hours Ago

Freeview - EVERY BBC channel ...

Since the Commonwealth Games started EVERY BBC television ...


Spinning_hea d 20 Hours Ago

Historians using Present Tense

Why do historians, especially on BBC programmes, use the present ...


robt 20 Hours Ago

Childhood memories of BBCs ...

Since its inception in 1972, the BBC’s children’s news programme, ...


sophiefalcon 21 Hours Ago

BBC journalists...

Join the club...don't you think we've all taken hits in the last ...


wolfie Yesterday


is he right...and what does that imply about the bbcs over the ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago


who should replace him...can you think of someone suited for the ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

Buma Edition of Top Gear

Having just read the story on the BBC news pages today I am ...


Paul Allan 4 Days Ago

Pronunciation & Language on ...

once upon a time the BBC prided itself on its correct ...


lorrainejoyc e 5 Days Ago

BBC To Axe In-House Panorama Team

As a direct consequence of the latest round of Draconian budget ...


Polemicist 6 Days Ago

BBC Policy on Climate Change

I have never, never, never heard anything about Climate Change ...


brawn23gp Last Week

BBC +1hr

I have cable tv and its so good when you think that you've just ...


ukandy24 Last Week


This post has been removed.


captainMouse Last Week

BBC viewing figures down

Lord Hall cites the Olympics and the Royal Pageant for the ...


Radioactiveo ldduffer Last Week

BBC news channel

I hope its viewers are prepared for what they're going to get ...


wolfie Last Week

bbc playlister...

should this really be what the bbc are wasting our money on...with ...


wolfie Last Week


This post has been removed.


shamcrashcod e Last Week


This post has been removed.


Polemicist Last Week

BBC wildlife - tropical fish

OK, this might seem a bit of a weird one, but why aren't there ...


beerhead Last Week

hottest day of the year..

Why do the BBC weather guys continually tell us ...


wolfie Last Week

Is the BBC biased

in favour of motorists? They seem to get masses of coverage:Series ...


Edward Taylor 2 Weeks Ago

simon schama

its probably just me but I cant get Harry Enfield out of my head ...


steve sankey 2 Weeks Ago

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