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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor Nov 17, 2013

UN Anti-Nazism Resolution?

I can understand why the BBC and most MSM outlets would not even ...


What Happened 5 Hours Ago


So we have an answer about why the BBC uses channel logos (Digital ...


Daryl Millar 7 Hours Ago

iPlayer Promotion

That promotional plug for iPlayer is really getting on my nerves, ...


germinator 9 Hours Ago

BBC Staff Benefits

Having just paid the compulsory £145.50 BBC licence fee I ...


dod19 10 Hours Ago

Poor English on the BBC News ...

I'm interested to know if I'm alone (in which case I'll drop ...


Rosemary 11 Hours Ago

Making a complaint

My advice is – don't bother. I got a badly-written answer in ...


pamela corbett 12 Hours Ago


This post has been hidden.


wolfie 12 Hours Ago

smart tv iplayer...

must say im very disappointed with the new version....I used to ...


wolfie Yesterday

Rugby Autumn Internationals

Dear BBC.It is nothing short of disgraceful that we are unable ...


Shed Head 2 Days Ago

Talk radio...

THE place to discuss talk radio on the bbc...whether it be Nicky ...


wolfie 3 Days Ago

The BBC No Longer Safe In ...

I understand that some backbench Conservative MP's are, ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

People over talking each other

I'd like to share my Point of View about the following programme:I ...


valgoodwin 3 Days Ago

Foreign Language Radio/TV ...

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when channel hoping to come ...


sparkle 4 Days Ago

Poor pronunciation by BBC ...

Why does the BBC not take steps to educate presenters and ...


RonL 4 Days Ago


This post has been hidden.


beagogrua 4 Days Ago

Postcode in profile creation

I was creating my profile and when i set my postcode it keeps ...


DM 5 Days Ago

A small point - but irritating

Again today I read on your website "between". No! It's ...


jackie_s_cro okes 5 Days Ago

Weather Forecasters

Why do many Weather Forecasters say "And following on behind"? ...


CJ Last Week


why are the bbc constantly using apples trademark i on their ...


wolfie Last Week

Grammar doubt

Which expression is correct 'small explanation' or 'little ...


newbird Last Week

New version of iPlayer for ...

Very disappointed to see that a reduced service is being offered ...


Neil Last Week

Playing a part?

The recent hullabaloo about Ed Miliband has been all over the ...


caissier Last Week

Programme making

Why is it that when I watch programmes these days there is ...



Paul Gambaccini back

I am absolutely delighted that the BBC have wasted little time in ...


patrm14 Last Week

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