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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor Nov 17, 2013

Reporters in Nepal

Why oh why are the media using precious resources in Nepal by ...


Sue Kinsey 16 Minutes Ago

Talk radio...

THE place to discuss talk radio on the bbc...whether it be Nicky ...


wolfie 1 Hour Ago


Please can I just mention here that I see a strong resemblance ...


Bethgem 13 Hours Ago

"New" BBC News website

I have to say that the new site is truly horrible. What were the ...


Nimrod Ping 14 Hours Ago

TV online ....

Surely peter Kay's car share is the way forward for the ...


wolfie 17 Hours Ago

The BBC and freedom of ...

I am in the process of trying to obtain a freedom of information ...


thenebula 19 Hours Ago

london marathon

all was ok until we got Paul Radcliff this is your life ...


old codger 23 Hours Ago

The Big Asian Election Debate

Should have been the Big Muslim Election Debate did not see any ...


leecong Yesterday

The BBC Keeps Getting it's ...

Why has the BBC, the apparent home of proper use of the English ...


schublacka Yesterday

bias reporting

i am finding it harder and harder to watch the coverage of the ...


donfranklino 2 Days Ago

Poll result 51% think TV Tax ...

Only 30% think the Licence is a fair tax in a recent ...


Cyril-Furr 2 Days Ago

How can anyone say Beeb ... Yfn6Bt8"i'm thinking (cutting ...


JustVisiting 3 Days Ago

Cut BBC licence down to £50 - ... /politics/nigel-farage-wants-the-...


Cyril-Furr 3 Days Ago

the story of the sports bra...

what on earth is/was this all about...can the bbc sink any ...


wolfie 4 Days Ago

last night of Proms 2 items

item 1. I am a lapsed Englishman since 1953. We and friends and ...


Dennis Hawley 4 Days Ago

Eastern Mediterranean ...

I'm really against aunty switching this MW service off here in ...


David Shapiro 4 Days Ago

BBC F1 coverage (or lack of it)

I firmly believe that F1 program presented by the BBC during the ...


David 5 Days Ago

program times...

Why do the BBC do it...They have a program on at a certain time for ...


wolfie 5 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Snibor 6 Days Ago


On the same day when we witness two near maximum breaks in this ...


hizento 6 Days Ago

UKIP Want To Decimate The ...

In what can only be described as both a personally vengeful and ...


Polemicist Last Week

The Beeb when downhill at the ...

Prior to say 2002 I would say the BBC had justified its license ...


JustVisiting Last Week

nick robinson...

must say its sad to see him back on our screens...he is obviously ...


wolfie Last Week

The Use of Wikipedia as ...

Please stop using Wikipedia as a reputable source for your ...


taylorw Last Week

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