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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor __ Demanding... Nov 17, 2013

Atheisam and Darwin

Atheism and Darwin are very rarely discussed within the BBC why ...


Mark Boldizsar 9 Hours Ago

BBC 'commercials'

One of the things I hate about commercial TV is the mind ...


pyanaman 11 Hours Ago

F1 Results Before Airing

I'm sick to the hilt of BBC posting F1 results before the ...


NYBrummie 12 Hours Ago


I sincerely hope the BBC aren't considering giving hour upon ...


wolfie 12 Hours Ago

Frankie Boyle

So where on the website does the BBC provide info on their ...


stephen 19 Hours Ago

Black Hole

Is anybody else totally hacked off with the BBC home page , ...


Mike Fairclough 20 Hours Ago


This post has been hidden.


wolfie 2 Days Ago

access to the internet

I would like to ask why the BBC continues to state that viewers ...


Lynh 3 Days Ago

music behind programs

Why is it that now days t there is always music attached to ...


robby 4 Days Ago

Artists Mail

A few years ago the BBC used to forward letters for people who ...


Rhystp 4 Days Ago

BBC TV HD Channel swaps ...

Just to point out the changes on Monday 24 March when the BBC ...


technologist 4 Days Ago

De-criminalisation of TVL evasion

Any thoughts & POVs on this subject? it must be of ...


Cyril-Furr 4 Days Ago

Opinions on the BBC

Very long, but interesting article in the Guardian ...


oldmanriver 5 Days Ago


Please can you make an ajustment to Iplayer...I listen to Radio 4 ...


Carlamaria 5 Days Ago

bbc 3

i have to say that i am disappointed with the plans that ...


dawn 5 Days Ago

BBC Where Next? survey

The BBC's running a survey on Tony Hall's speech on his vision for ...


dayraven 6 Days Ago

political correctness

Its 2014 we have to accept all minorities and treat each other ...


therealjb 6 Days Ago

New BBC iPlayer Bad design.

Ok so I have been having a play with the new version of BBC ...


lucid Last Week

iPlayer shows being removed ...

Hi I've noticed this a few times now since the BBC has put out ...


lucid Last Week

Creeping in old stories

I am a daily reader the BBC news feed - like many regular readers ...


jerbyuk Last Week

Sport's obsession with NOISE

Why does everything to do with sport require noise? Every trail ...


pyanaman Last Week

Remove BBC Three out of existence

For the past 5 years, I have despised of BBC3's terrible ...


James Last Week

BBC current affairs panel ...

We had Peter Hain on Question Time and Any Questions this week. Is ...


Permtong Last Week

Background music and sound on ...

Volume control - do you think background music is too loud? ...


Peta Last Week

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