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Search this Board Tutorial

Some tips to increase success. This concerns the "Search this ...


Guv-nor Nov 17, 2013

BBC loses Olympics.

Eurosport has won the European TV rights to the Olympics from ...


Tom Joad 14 Hours Ago

BBC Three

Moving online in January 2016 ---The trust set several ...


Guv-nor 15 Hours Ago

hottest day of the year...

We've started...You could set your clocks by them...Why do they do ...


wolfie 16 Hours Ago

No bbc1+1..

And more youth TV on BBC 1 and bbc2...I thought our youth were ...


wolfie 17 Hours Ago

No choice

I would like a refund for the fact that I cannot watch the BBC at ...


Simon Gascoigne 17 Hours Ago

BBC Three: Closure ...

A very, very sad day indeed for the BBC, the BBC Three audience ...


Myles4291 20 Hours Ago

Political Dinosaurs

There are far too many political dinosaurs employed at the BBC ...


Polemicist 20 Hours Ago

BBC Political Abuse of ...

I am sick to the back teeth with the BBC glorifying ISIS as ...


Dai Digital 21 Hours Ago

Rapid zooming/editing/panning etc

Hi,Does anyone else get fed up with the current fad that we ...


david 22 Hours Ago

bbc pettiness...

the other night bbc interviewed somebody about the recent ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

Weather forecast - organised rain

On the Thursday weather forecast following the 6pm BBC1 news, the ...


mg45 2 Days Ago

Talk radio...

THE place to discuss talk radio on the bbc...whether it be Nicky ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

Regional BBC news..

Should they be covering national stories that the national news ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

living wage...

does anyone know if the bbc are committed to this...and if they ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago


Does the BBC need to tidy up the postal address file? ...


Sue_Aitch 4 Days Ago


please do not make shabnabs beating into a racist thing ...


tv1_uk 5 Days Ago


Please can I just mention here that I see a strong resemblance ...


Bethgem 6 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


mr robot wars lover 6 Days Ago


Spot the deliberate mistake in the following which appeared ...


raymond morrison 6 Days Ago

BBC UHD Broadcasts

I wonder if anybody from within the BBC can advice me whether ...


Tim Last Week

BBC RIP? - This could be it! cle-3123226/BBC-faces-500m-cuts-T...


Joe Black Last Week

The Playlist(er)

Blues? Indie rock? Ska? Ghetto Flava Industrial Crankcore? (ok, ...


Turner Last Week

Pronunciation & Language on ...

once upon a time the BBC prided itself on its correct ...


lorrainejoyc e Last Week

bbc website...

why is this...


wolfie Last Week

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