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    Posted by theoldplucker (U10628852) on Saturday, 28th March 2009

    I have a Sharp C.R.T. which is a few years old which has been running o.k. Recently connected a freeview box to it. Every few minutes, when on freeview the set will switch off to standby mode or sometimes switches off completely !!
    Switch off the freeview box and watch from analogue tuner and set runs fine.

    Explain that one !!

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    Posted by Martyn the retired (U1168764) on Sunday, 29th March 2009


    Can't give a full answer as more information is needed.

    Quite a lot of sets, if there is no valid input will go standby. So is the box switching off? Check with another TV.

    Has the set been used with a DVD, VCR, Hard Disc recorder (PVR)? If the same connection has been used without bother a set fault is a bit unlikely.

    Read the handbook for the set. My first thought may be mentioned, and there may be other timed functions getting in on the act.

    As presented though, I do have to say it's an odd one!

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    Posted by Pumblechook (U6852342) on Sunday, 29th March 2009

    Some TVs detect the presence of a video signal. If absent the set powers down after a while. It can't explian this one unless there is a fault.

    Maybe there is a control signal on a line in the scart lead. You might need a 'filly wired' scart lead. DONT be fooled into buying an expensive scart lead. It wont make any difference to picture quality.

    If there is another scart output on the Freeview box try that.

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    Posted by theoldplucker (U10628852) on Wednesday, 1st April 2009

    I think I have found the cure! It is nothing to do with leads, but, I think that the problem has blown one of my other televisions - a Sony 28" C.R.T.
    I have turned down the contrast slightly which has seemed to resolve it. I had the feeling that when freeview was used it was overloading the tube, perhaps increase of power to the tube and causing television to cut out ?
    The Sony which has gone down might well have been blown by the freeview box ?
    Make any sense to anyone?

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    Posted by Sue_Aitch (U3336990) on Thursday, 2nd April 2009

    Come to think of it the old Toshiba CRT I was given by my brother needed a new tube not long after I attchned it to my Freevie box, but I think it was more probably the age of the Telly ( it's in its late teens!)

    It was still worth the expense of getting the Telly repaired.

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