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BBC HD Programming - OR LACK OF IT?

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    Posted by stevenje (U13887970) on Thursday, 26th March 2009

    Why oh why oh why is the BBC not filming more content in HD? What about The Apprentice (2009) Eastenders Casualty Holby City ... BBC News the list is endless. All of these would be brilliant in HD. Come on...

    Lets take CH4HD for Example.
    Pretty much every programme that is shown on CH4 is also shown on CH4HD (in HD) .
    CH4 News
    Desperate Housewives
    Deal or no Deal
    Paul O'Grady
    Country House Rescue
    any many many more.

    Why can't the BBC follow their example?

    They are also a public service broadcaster and don't have as much money as the BBC yet the BBC do not provide as much HD content......


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    Posted by Andrew Bowden (U178009) on Thursday, 26th March 2009

    A lot of the programmes on Channel 4 HD is not true HD programming, and is actually non-HD programmes converted to HD. This is true of many HD channels. Hence it looks like they do more HD programmes than they actually do.

    BBC HD only shows true HD programs.

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Sunday, 29th March 2009

    to pick up on the last poster - this is what C4 says

    "Channel 4 HD will be a direct simulcast of the core Channel 4 schedule. A proportion of the programmes will have been orginally made in the HD format, these will include some of our well know US series and films as well as some Channel 4 commissioned programmes. The Channel 4 Group is committed to increasing its investment in HD production and acquiring programmes in the HD format. We fully intend to increase the proportion of our schedule which is made in high definition over time. The remaining non-HD programmes will be up-converted from the SD source material."

    In simple terms up convert C$ unless the source programme is HD .. SKY1 HD is the same as well.

    The BBC gives us 9 hours a day of HD originated programming.

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    Posted by John (U5667226) on Sunday, 29th March 2009

    Well I think C4 should seriously look at why they are not broadcasting HD on Freesat.
    I think it's unacceptable for a national channel to be tied into Sky to the degree that their programs are only available to Sky subscribers.
    Whilst on that subject, ITV are just as culpable for not allowing their HD broadcasts to be shown on Sky (although that seems to be easing with the new Sky EPG).
    What are these channels playing at?
    As commercial channels they depend on viewers who will be tempted to buy their advertisers' products.
    How can they possibly be maximising advertising revenues whilst restricitng viewers?smiley - doh

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    Posted by technologist (U1259929) on Sunday, 29th March 2009

    Let us dealt with ITV first - their HD channel is NOT in BARB and thus if anyone watches it they are not watching ITV1 thus loosing advert revenue.....
    The other issue is that ITVHD is a national Service . ITV1 is a regional service with different ads.. Very often the advertiser Will target certain areas (and by implication demographics) to maximise their spend thus a UK wide channel is not a good thing.

    I think C4 HD is on a wide beam from the Satellite so it needs to be encrypted to preserve rights.

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