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    Posted by PhilW (U1357752) on Thursday, 12th March 2009

    this has been closed down because 'its nothing to do with the bbc'

    of course it has because thats how some viewers recieve the bbcs services

    the bbc cant divorce themselves from the real world and think only the bbc exists

    they are recieving bbcs digital services via bt vision so the query is well within the criteria set out at the top of this digital board

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    Posted by Martyn the retired (U1168764) on Friday, 13th March 2009


    A BT vision box is really a Freeview box with extra commercial bits really. And looking at the thread, the use of this box as a Freeview receiver was not being discussed, but solely as a commercial device. Or at least, that's my take on the matter.

    regards, Martyn

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    Posted by RayLincs (U5239364) on Monday, 16th March 2009

    I can't understand your view Martyn,if this is the case why are all the commercial channels listed on the Freesat site. Also why are ITV, Channel 4 and Five never deleted off the main message board?

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    Posted by Nick Reynolds (U11648404) on Monday, 16th March 2009

    You hould be going directly to BT Vision if you have a query like this.

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    Posted by PhilW (U1357752) on Monday, 16th March 2009

    but we are a community on here and we know we can rely on other posters to answer any queries we have relating to digital...

    this board is a much more useful board than the tv board as people know they can get answers here and yet you allow totally off topic threads on the tv board and shut down slightly off topic ones on here

    the number of posters on here who are totally baffled by digital and want answers and yet you make it harder for them

    i would like you nick to go on the tv board whilst rowan is away and close down every non bbc thread

    you wont because you know the reaction but this board is so little used its an easy target to close down decent threads

    the poster who posted the origional post hasnt been back since and who can blame him if his only thread on the board is closed down

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    Posted by Evie (U1708016) on Tuesday, 24th March 2009

    And it's odd that the BT Vision thread was closed but not the Sky+ one.

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    Posted by barkochba (U4848866) on Tuesday, 24th March 2009

    Thank you, PhilW, for being so helpful and for fighting my corner.

    As an update, I'd like to inform anyone interested in digital TV that I have now had my BT Vision box for a week... and it's pants!

    Damn thing keeps rebooting and restarting every five to fifteen minutes which ruins any programme I try to watch. I downloaded 'The Dark Knight' for over three quid. The picture and sound quality were excellent. Unfortunately, I never got past the first fifteen minutes as the bloody thing kept restarting and going right back to the start of the movie.

    I've fiddled every which way with the cables and the broadband adaptors, all to no avail.

    So here's a sentence I never thought you'd see me say... I wish I'd stuck with over-priced Sky!

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    Posted by archicrooks (U1992184) on Tuesday, 24th March 2009

    i have BT vision. its a poor mans version of sky+ but free rental if you dont have any add on packages

    and has to be judged on that basis accordingly

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