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Scrolling text on DAB radio

The scrolling text for 5Live Sports Extra has suddenly ...


winter-draws -on Mar 16, 2009

My channel numbers have all ...

After years of trouble free use, my latest attempt to re-tune my ...


donthangup Mar 13, 2009

BT Vision

Anyone here tried BT Vision? What do you think of it? Reason I'm ...


barkochba Mar 11, 2009

Moving Sky+ Box

I am due to move house later this month and assumed that anything ...


thedrewser Mar 9, 2009

no subject

After years of owning a series of Freeview boxes and enjoying ...


ridingAlanHu dson Mar 9, 2009

Has the radio switchover ...

Following a newspaper story in our local paper about a failure at ...


designengine er Mar 6, 2009

BBCi Player

Can someone tell me why I can't get BBCiplayer to work? It plays ...


Val Mar 5, 2009

BBC HD deterioration

I'm definitely noticing this. That bitingly sharp definition has ...


the bfg Mar 4, 2009

Ceefax and Digitalgov and NHS ...

BBC Two Ceefax pages 460, 461, 465 and 470 have pages like them on ...


Sue_Aitch Mar 2, 2009

Nothing coming from Oxford!

We have had no signal on the digital service from the Oxford ...


Drsdaughter Feb 26, 2009

BBC Five

When everyone gets digital can we have BBC FIVE for sports. It ...


Sam Feb 26, 2009

Dogs/subtitles on HD TV

Having splashed out on an HD box and dish to get Freesat I am so ...


malcolmtvhd Feb 26, 2009

Freeview,Sky+ box,Freesat

I subscribed to Sky for years and have a Sky dish and Sky+ box. ...


hecatewych Feb 26, 2009

hosting on this board

this board has always been used to discuss any topics to do with ...


PhilW Feb 26, 2009


Our analogue service here in the Southwest closes down on April ...


foxglove Feb 26, 2009

BBC Sport channel

We have BBC One - the corporation's flagship channel, ...


jTemplar Feb 23, 2009


Does anyone know anything about 'Quest' - tv channel. When I ...


jea1965 Feb 21, 2009

Delay TV starting on its own...

Something weird is happening with my Virgin + box....delay TV ...


anjin58 Feb 20, 2009

Smile tv2 - TVs in bedrooms?

Just to let any parents know that Smile TV2 has scantily clad ...


groovyoldwom an Feb 16, 2009

Loss of television guide on ...

Please tell me I am not the only one who is extremely annoyed ...


MarinaKatrin a Feb 16, 2009

Has The Digital Signal Got ...

In North Yorkshire recently?


FowPah Feb 15, 2009

Freeview Box cutting out

Why does my Freeview box cut out on a daily basis. Switching off ...


john Honiwell Feb 14, 2009


I have two freeview boxes but find very often there is no picture ...


OldCookie Feb 13, 2009

Freeview boxes that work with ...

Is there any information on which Freeview set top boxes ...


BrownFurby Feb 10, 2009

Sky box automatically going ...

I have a sky box (about 3 years old) which I only use for ...


Calendula Feb 8, 2009

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