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Merry Christmas from the hosts

Hi everyone, On behalf of all the hosts on PoV can I wish everyone ...


Marcus Dec 23, 2004

Must-hear comedy, tonight

The Consultants, 6.30pm radio 4Clever, witty, refreshing, ...


OfficerDibbl e Dec 22, 2004

Christmas opening times

Hi everyone, I thought I should let you know that the PoV board ...


Marcus Dec 21, 2004

Pulled posts

On the Radio 5Live Station messageboard) I have had ...


carrie Dec 20, 2004

Listeners' Lord?

On radio 4 the idea of a ‘Listeners’ Lord’ is being ...


fairdebate Dec 18, 2004

Mark "Chappers" Chapman

Did anyone hear the statement about the disppearance of ...


Rokan Dec 17, 2004

Radio 5 as tabloid radio.

I have been admonished, as a poster, on the Radio 5 ...


carrie Dec 15, 2004

BBC London -lamentable tech ...

For 2 years now many of the live links/news reports are ...


OfficerDibbl e Dec 15, 2004

Hi Everyone

Just made it over here, will write something sensible when I've got ...


Lyndarichard son Dec 15, 2004

Welcome to the new board!

Hi everyone, Hope you didn’t have any problems registering. I know ...


Marcus Dec 14, 2004

Colin and Edith

Surely both of their accents are far too strong and annoying to ...


andymullet Dec 14, 2004

Quiet Board?

Is anybody listening to bbc radio?


Be The Change ... Dec 14, 2004

accents and voice production

I love to hear the various accents of presenters on radio PROVIDED ...


minimetto Dec 12, 2004

Radio 5 and Free Ads for ITV ...

I hardly qualify as old fashioned, but I do yearn for a return to ...


TheKingsNewC lothes Dec 6, 2004

Details of the new ...

Welcome to the new Points of View board.My name is Peta, I'm a ...


Peta Dec 5, 2004

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