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Oh dear, oh dear

Fiona Phillips is no substitute for Simon Mayo. Is she reading ...


gryphen Mar 31, 2009

Jeremy Vine - John Prescott

How angry has that interview just made me!They have Prescott on ...


pickapocket Mar 31, 2009

Radio Messageboard to close!

Not sure if this has been posted on here but just found out that ...


mvs803 Mar 31, 2009

Zoe Ball in the Ken Bruce ...

I mean ........ WTF ???Next three days Ken is off, and Zoe 'I ...


TVMad Mar 31, 2009

BBC Critical Over U2 and ...

The BBC has been criticised for its promotion of U2 and Coldplay ...


MARK OCCOMORE Mar 31, 2009

bryan martin

i know i am late and there is probably another thread but i ...


PhilW Mar 31, 2009

great mysteries of the world ...

where does the sportscaster on r5 disappear to at 2 am every ...


PhilW Mar 31, 2009

Alan Green - Liverpool Bias

On 5Live last week, sadly for the listener Green was doing the ...


average40 Mar 30, 2009

r5 sport

in the history of british radio has there ever been a longer ...


PhilW Mar 30, 2009

Brian Matthew - SOTS - time ...

I think it's about time Brian Matthew was axed and replaced ...


AXE Mar 30, 2009

Swing Radio Shows

I am 17, I am have never really listened to radio but with BBC ...


Frank Palmer-White Mar 30, 2009

re last night The Last Word

As I travel home from work on a Sunday night, Radio 4's Last ...


brionye Mar 30, 2009

radio station for those who ...

greetings after listening to 5live for years I am saddened that ...


flick the switch Mar 30, 2009

JR on Saturday

The show was pre-recorded, anyone else notice? I really don't like ...


average40 Mar 30, 2009

Archers v Countryfile

Which of the BBC idiots has decided to pitch Countryfile ...


jeminab Mar 30, 2009

Friday Night is Music Night - ...

Is it time Radio 2 axed Friday Night is Music Night? I cannot ...


AXE Mar 30, 2009

the Today programme mumblers

I am getting fed up with the mumbling presenters on Today. ...


Escarpment Mar 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnnie Walker

It's BBC Radio 2 Johnnie Walker birthday today. Makes him ...


MARK OCCOMORE Mar 30, 2009

David Jacobs - retirement ...

I hear David Jacobs is retiring. I wonder who will replace him? ...


AXE Mar 30, 2009

Ed Stewart comes aboard...

...Pirate Johnnie Walker tonight! (I bet hemsby1 will be listening).


AXE Mar 30, 2009

Employee Telephone call ...

Today, Radio 4 accidentally broadcast a live internal ...


Cuppa Tea Mar 30, 2009

Kermode Doh!

"It's not the worst film you've ever seen."No, apparently the ...


Ally Gory Mar 30, 2009

Evans to replace Wogan !!!

I hope this is a vicious rumour or I doubt I will ever listen to ...


White Socks Mar 30, 2009

Sunday Half Hour (Radio 2)

This programme represents medieval church goers in England. The ...


AXE Mar 29, 2009

Dance Anthems for Radio 2

Dance Anthems should be moved to Radio 2, Sundays 7.00 - 10.00pm, ...


AXE Mar 29, 2009

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