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april fools on radio

the only one i heard was of shearer going to newcastle which ...


PhilW Apr 2, 2009

England on 5live

I wonder who will be commentating on BBC radio tonight?Greenys a ...


Professor Techno Apr 2, 2009

Five Live is great you know

really mean it, the best station ever.The sports coverage is ...


Professor Techno Apr 2, 2009

Seeing as this board closes ...

I think it's about time Larry Mann, Phil Urapitus, Dolly ...


AXE Apr 2, 2009

Vanessa Feltz replaces for ...

Vanessa Feltz is in talks with Radio 2 bosses to replace the ...


AXE Apr 2, 2009

Putting on the Ritz

" Putting on the Ritz" was written and published in 1929 by Irving ...


Pancho Wilkins Apr 2, 2009

Victoria Derbyshire

I wonder if she will be discussing the Apprentice on her thursday ...


Binkie Apr 2, 2009

Last orders

Does Victoria think that she is going to have a new career in ...


DaPonte Apr 2, 2009

Gardener's Questions: Green ...

I honestly do understand, fully, that Eric Robson's ribbing of ...


Dr Trellis Apr 2, 2009

Mark Saggers Back Tonight

I am not saying that Mark is the best sports presenter of all ...


average40 Apr 1, 2009

Radio 2

Are we allowed to discuss Radio 2 here?


AXE Apr 1, 2009

Sport on Five - Last Night

What a great show! They did a reminisce of World Cup '82. ...


average40 Apr 1, 2009

Mark Saggers

Seeing as we are losing our radio message board I will be posting ...


average40 Apr 1, 2009

boards are closing...good news

mr reynolds reminds me of that guy maggie brought in to oversee the ...


PhilW Apr 1, 2009

Ken Bruce drummed on rock ...

Ken Bruce often mentions celebrity involvement in pop records, e.g. ...


Wobegone Apr 1, 2009

Changes to Radio 2 evening ...

The specialist programmes broadcast on weekday evenings ...


AXE Apr 1, 2009

Friday night is music..........

It's a long time since I listened to Paul Gambaccini. What a ...


Alexis Robin Apr 1, 2009

alex lester

Is it true that Alex is taking over from Fern Britton on Good ...


chig72 Apr 1, 2009

Sarah Kennedy quits Radio 2 iles/smiles_444.gifHooray!


AXE Apr 1, 2009

Suzi Q

Whilst this board still exists...I'll flag up the ...


The Great Gildersleeve Apr 1, 2009

Do we need traffic reports on ...

I do not think we need traffic reports on national radio why do ...


Sandra Apr 1, 2009

Dragon Boat Racing and Breast ...

There was a broadcast about this a few days ago, I think on 5Live ...


Tolkny Apr 1, 2009

Overrated radio personalities

Alan Dell is one of them. People talk about him as if he was some ...


AXE Apr 1, 2009

Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour

This programme should replace Desmond Carrington. I do hope ...


AXE Apr 1, 2009

Evan Davies on Today

Just as I was choking on his mangling of reading out the ...


Sapristi Nabolah Apr 1, 2009

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