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Last post?

Will I get this in?


Phrasmotic 4 August ... Apr 3, 2009

Jeremy Vine

Don't normally cathch his programme but have done last ...


smartdrlaura Apr 3, 2009

Calling all Radio Posters!!

Archie, PhilW, Phras, John H, Karly, Sarnia, Muskadash, ...


average40 Apr 3, 2009

No more Radio posts..

So we won't be allowed to make any comments about radio shows or ...


dave Apr 3, 2009

The end of the Friday trolley ...

The Blue House Bear would like to say a massive thanks to Rachel ...


Bear in the Big ... Apr 3, 2009

Walker in for Wogan

On Good Friday and hopefully the rest of the remaing week. He is ...


powerfulGlen ith Apr 3, 2009

I Will Miss You ( Goodbye ...

POV Radio MB is going. I will miss you all who have contributed ...



Fi Glover

If I'm honest, I just want to see if I can get a Fi Glover thread ...


Pat Shed Apr 3, 2009

Fiona Phillips for Mayo

Unbelievable. The BBC really has scraped tha barrel with this ...


Phil Hardings Hat Apr 3, 2009

Obama Overload

Now I'm as pleased as the next man that Mr Obama won, and nor do I ...


Pat Shed Apr 3, 2009

Richard Bacon's Special Half Hour

I would like to put this forward as the worst bit of radio ...


HenryPeaPod Apr 3, 2009

Victoria Derbyshire's back, ...

I've been listening to 5live again in the mornings having ...


Charley Farley Apr 3, 2009

The Football Commentators ...

This might be a bit of a geeky subject for some but still quite ...


Professor Techno Apr 3, 2009

Hawksbee & Jacobs on talkSPORT

Seeing as Stewart has launched a debate on his favourite ...


Walsall_Chri s Apr 3, 2009

The World at One

Anyone else think the World at One is waste of time? Years ago we ...


shilkman Apr 2, 2009


This post has been removed.


Grytpype-Thy nne Apr 2, 2009

nice voice,,,

who do you think has the nicest voice on radio,


U12864596 Apr 2, 2009

Radio 3

Before we lose the dedicated MB and have to start posting on a ...


BHP Apr 2, 2009

to doug peta lee...

and all the other great hosts weve hadjust to say thanx for all the ...


PhilW Apr 2, 2009

Nicky Campbell and Mandleson

Did anyone hear these two this morning ? NC wound Mandleson up ...


Curmy Apr 2, 2009

Paul Barnes music prog.

Will be missed by me when it moves from 6pm Saturdays to 11pm on ...


Tolkny Apr 2, 2009

Suzi Quatro in the graveyard slot

I've just got my new Radio Times and noticed that Suzi Quatro's ...


Monty Burns Apr 2, 2009

So that's it ...

And before we go. I've taken my G20 (gee?) coverage mainly from ...


Absentia Apr 2, 2009

Kelly Cates to present 5live ...

Kelly Cates will join 5 Live's presenter line-up this summer to ...


Professor Techno Apr 2, 2009

Mark Saggers quits 5Live

The full line-up of 5 Live Sport on Radio 5 Live from 8 August ...


Professor Techno Apr 2, 2009

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