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    Posted by strictlyaddicted2dancing (U14110008) on Wednesday, 27th August 2014

    Maths teaching ... Percentages. Much easier to teach 25% of a number is to say "divide by 4" ... The girl would have understood that. I hope she passes.

    The teacher just didn't engage his class, because he needs to make Maths fun!

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    Posted by jennyj (U15939066) on Thursday, 28th August 2014

    I only watched a little of this, as I was watching other things and didn't record this one either - I will try and watch it when it's repeated, which I hope it will be.

    The principle of the Last Chance Academy seems excellent, and I wish it well - I caught the very telling comment that basically says 'Remove the one key troublemaker from a class, give that one person the intensive 'remediation' they need, and then the rest of the class can get on with learning normally', which I think any teacher will wholeheartedly agree with.

    However, I also caught young Chelsea (I think that's what her name was) (which, sadly, possibly says a lot about why she is a problem pupil....) who apparently has attention-span issues (Oh dear, sounds like the RAF pilots Armstrong and Miller......), and says she might learn/study more if she liked school, but, sadly, she doesn't enjoy being at school.

    At that point I lost it. OK, Chelsea, how about this for an idea in your vacuous little noggin. The POINT of school is to teach us things we'll need to be able to FEED OURSELVES WHEN WE ARE GROWN UP!

    Yes, Chelsea, sweetheart, one fine day you are going to have to EARN YOUR OWN LIVING! I know it's a hard concept, as you've clearly never been taught it all your pampered little life (ie, pampered because someone else is working to feed you - and I dread to think it's probably the tax payer, but let's hope it's your parents!), but it is a concept that at some point you WILL HAVE TO LEARN.

    Now, this isn't to say that what you are taught at school is actually useful to your likely future way of earning a living, but that is a separate issue. The key lesson you have to accept is that school is NOT MEANT TO BE ENJOYABLE!

    Yes, if it's enjoyable as well, then great, and yes, that's the ideal situattion, the same as having a job that earns your living and is ALSO enjoyable!

    I do feel that pandering to children, not making them realise that hey kids, life isn't a free meal!, is the first lesson they have to learn in life, and at school.

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