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    Posted by snail17 (U15944847) on Saturday, 1st March 2014

    Really fed up of the current generation of mealy-mouthed presenters who are so scared of saying anything controversial that they offer up no opinion of their own.
    The likes of Dan Walker and Matt Baker spring to mind, who are always quick to jump in with "... other xxxx's are available" whenever a brand name is mentioned, or are immediately apologetic when an interviewee deviates from the expected response.

    They try to do it in a jokey, jovial way but it's just pathetic, and shows a lack of imagination and a tendency to conform and kowtow... not great qualities.
    Have some backbone... you're not going to get sacked if someone mentions Tesco on air and you don't immediately apologise.

    Just showing a logo on screen or mentioning a brand name is NOT advertising in any case... otherwise every car on every show should have its logo blurred out or covered.
    And BBC presenters and reporters are happy to stand there in their Berghaus or North Face clothing.

    The BBC is so inconsistent when it comes to brands on their programmes in any case... is the Apple logo going to be blurred out this time or not? Who knows... and quite frankly who cares? Credit the viewer with enough intelligence that they are not going to change their entire spending habits based entirely on what Clare Balding may or may not have been wearing in Sochi.

    I don't care whether logos are shown on screen, as long as the product is not blatantly plugged, but at least have a consistent approach and stop being so apologetic!

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