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Wonder of dogs for the eyes of Kete Humble

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    Posted by mikefa (U14840811) on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

    Around 1948/9 my brother and I walked in the Yorkshire Dales and stayed at Aysgarth Youth Hostel in Wensleydale. The warden (I think called Mr Gomerson) gave a demonstration of dogs intelligenceall . He said he had been training and selecting breeds for their intelligence all his life. He had concluded that Labrador/Collie cross was the most intelligent. He then went on to an audience of approximately 40 walkers and cyclists
    He had a bitch and her daughter of 2 years sat on each side of him. He asked the bitch to count to 10 which she duly did by tapping its paw ten times Take away 6 and the dog duly tapped four time he then invited numbers under ten from the audience. The dog continued to give correct answers. The pup then took over with numbers up to five with similar additions and subtractions.
    He then produced a set pof dominoes made from solids blocks of wood 8inches by 4 inches.He asked for a member of the audience to start by laying double six,the dog then went to view and came back and patted his 6/3 this continued for a good 20 minutes without error,he knocked by scraping the floor with its paw and looking at his opponent.
    Mr Gomerson the produced a set of 27 sticks and invited a member of the audience to take 2 or 3 from the 27 until whoever was left with a single stick lost the game.Needless to say the dog won.
    These were the only parts of his demonstration that I remember he had many tricks with the two dogs sitting rolling etc.
    If you tell this story to someone in the pub they laugh with disbelief but can assure it was true.Mr Gomerson was elderly but I cannot visualize his face he was resident at the Youth hostel which remains open to this day. Hundreds of walkers must have witnessed the demonstration all will now be in their 70,/80,s
    At the end of the demonstration he placed two biscuits a few yards from the dogs and told them which was theirs they both went straight to their nominated biscuit a trick he said that was one of the hardest to achieve.
    Comments welcome

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    Posted by mirandashell (U1946590) on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

    I've seen that done as well. It's a brilliant trick.

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    Posted by Bidie-In (U2747062) on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

    Fantastic. I saw 2 lovely lab pups in 'guide dog training' the other day. They were so enthusiastic and clearly clever than they will make such a difference to the lives of their eventual owners.

    However, my cats wish to make it clear that they could EASILY do everything the dogs do - they just choose not to....smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by Johnap (U1989184) on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

    My cats were the same.

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