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John Wilson at the Proms

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    Posted by babs47 (U3436667) on Tuesday, 27th August 2013

    We are dedicated John Wilson fans and always look forward to seeing what he's doing at the Proms. We heard he was doing film soundtracks this year, but broadcast on radio. We tried to listen but didn't enjoy it half as much. Couldn't recreate the atmosphere, we needed to see him and the musicians. Will it be shown on TV???

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 27th August 2013

    Hi babs

    Have a look at the links in the first post of the main Proms discussion, all of the information about the Proms can be found via there. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 27th August 2013

    I can find two that may interest you

    About this event
    John Wilson Orchestra
    John Wilson conductor

    John Wilson and his orchestra return to the Proms in a celebration of the Hollywood film scores that Wilson describes as ‘literally unsung’ and a medley of theme songs (featuring distinguished vocalists) from otherwise non-musical movies.

    Connecticut-born child prodigy Alfred Newman’s ‘Street Scene’, from How to Marry a Millionaire, contrasts with the music of Jewish émigrés Erich Korngold, Max Steiner and Franz Waxman, with suites from Korngold’s swashbuckling score for Robin Hood, Steiner’s nostalgic music for Casablanca and Waxman’s brooding score for A Place in the Sun – all of them Academy Award-winners – making for a red-carpet event at the Royal Albert Hall.


    Broadcast live on BBC Radio Prom

    Recorded for broadcast on BBC Four on 30 August

    Live and 'listen again' on this page

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 27th August 2013

    Saturday 31 August
    7.30pm – c9.45pm

    Royal Albert Hall
    Classical for starters, Proms on TV, Stage and Screen

    About this event
    Programme to include:

    Warsaw Concerto (from 'Dangerous Moonlight') (10 mins)

    The True Glory – March (3 mins)

    Lady Caroline Lamb – suite (17 mins)

    Ice Cold in Alex – March (3 mins)

    Battle of Britain – excerpts (11 mins)

    and music from space and science-fiction titles, including '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Alien', 'Independence Day', 'Star Wars' and 'Superman'

    Valentina Lisitsa piano
    Lawrence Power viola

    BBC Concert Orchestra
    Keith Lockhart conductor

    A parade of excerpts from great British film scores conjures up a world of stiff upper lips and suicide missions, while the late Richard Rodney Bennett’s lyrical Lady Caroline Lamb suite portrays the literary adventuress who captured Byron’s heart.

    Superheroes and space travellers dominate the second half, with music by Richard Strauss, Johann Strauss, John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.

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    Posted by babs47 (U3436667) on Saturday, 31st August 2013

    thanks Peta........ actually we caught John's programme last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a lot of talented musicians and as Katie Durham says, they are the creme de la creme!! Will have to have a look at tonight's offering.

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