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Triathlon commentary - stating the obvious

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    Posted by Jezza (U15311666) on Thursday, 25th July 2013

    Matt Chilton and Steve Trew, commentaries on Triathlon have to be the least informative punditary on TV. Given that these events appear on the red button, they are preaching to the converted, you have to be an enthuiast to go and look for this coverage. But messers Chilton and Trew only tell us stuff that any Triathlon fan would already know, and generally just tell us what you can see on the screen, and sometimes they even miss that.

    On Sunday we were watching the Mixed relay, in which Non Standford came off her bike while leading and was hospitalised. Our two heroes completely missed this. We clearly saw a rider had come off their bike, and had come to rest a long way from their bike. They didn't question this. They didn't think anything funny when the coverage focussed on the riders in second place. They thought it might be a computer error when Non didn't appear on the timings at the end of that lap. At home we were pretty sure what had happened and were watching tweets for more information. Why can't the beeb do this, or even contact the British Tri team for an update ! There was a bit more on the highlight package, of course by this time everything was known.

    This is just representative of the insight these two guys provide on a regular basis. Surely there is someone better, maybe an ex-triathlete.

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Thursday, 25th July 2013

    Hi Jezza

    Sport is off topic for this board, but you can contact the BBC Sports teams in a number of ways

    You'll find all the contact info here

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