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Sunday Morning Live

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    Posted by Essential Rabbit (U3613943) on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    An interesting programme, which clearly demonstrated that, when four people are talking at once, it's impossible to hear what any of them are saying.

    It wasn't necessary to continue the demonstration for an hour though.

    Sadly, I didn't notice the colour of the carpet.

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    Posted by Mindda (U2940462) on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    I thought it was appalling this morning and turned off half way through. Is no-one taught nowadays that it is rude in the extreme to interrupt others when they are speaking? And how are we the listeners, presumably at least mildly important, meant to hear anything with that racket going on. Please stop asking on contributors who do not understand the basics of discussion, and please get a presenter who they will respect enought to stop talking when she asks them to

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    Posted by bootjangler (U880875) ** on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    What was said the last time this was on?

    Too little time.
    Get those SMS things off the screen.
    Presenter can't cope.
    Too much, "Yes, yes, I have to hurry you," etc.

    So what do they do?

    Exactly the same!

    I'd think half of the Skype participants might be gnashing their teeth that they were not given the opportunity to answer back.

    Using technology for the sake of it is not good enough. They need to get a right balance.

    I also didn't see the carpet, but they had some nice wood panelling along the walls.

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    Posted by William Blessing (U14578406) on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    It would seem that the more ways to contribute the more confusing the "discussion" becomes.

    The sound of Skype resembles someone talking underwater. And then what is the point of streaming "tweety" type chirpings at the same time. One of the most annoying trends adopted particularly by the once impeccably pronounced BBC World Service is having presenters whose first language is not "Oxford English".

    And then when an earthquake or something occurs, a local rings in and proceeds to jabber on completely unaware of how incomprehensible his contribution is. And then the presenter in the studio asks another quesion and off it goes again.

    Sunday Morning Live was yet another example of poor poor poor broadcasting techniques with obvious failings so clearly described by the previous poster, not addressed.

    So we had four people shouting at each other at the the time as tweets flew by at the bottom of the screen with skypy type bubblings from someone in a goldish bowl. Not good.

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    Posted by Prophet Tenebrae (U5995226) on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    Twitter has become a cancer at the BBC... perhaps it's pushing on the part of the BBC's collective brain that allows people able to control discussions?

    But really, my opinion of Twitter was - and remains - few opinions of merit can be expressed in 140 characters or less. It's a site aimed at the excesses of shallowness and banality that certain parts of the Internet revel in - the BBC should shun it, not ride the bandwagon.

    But then, shallow and banal sums up Sunday Morning Live pretty well - on the occasions when it's understandable - so perhaps it's a good fit?

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    Posted by Jewel Staite (U14313760) on Sunday, 30th June 2013

    It is a pity that BBC felt a need to indulge Channel 4 by recruiting someone such as Samira Ahmed as presenter .... We appreciate that she was given an offer that she couldn't refuse, with Channel 4 News instructing her to either see a hairdresser or leave, but that is no excuse for the BBC to ignore other talent and indulge someone with bad hair support.

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