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Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (some questions)

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    Posted by Ivan Lu (U15759605) on Friday, 14th June 2013

    Hi everyone I came across this rather old BBC Two Horizon programme broadcasted some four years back:

    I'm not sure if these queries have already been addressed elsewhere but having watched one hour long documentary, I wonder if anyone could provide some answers to queries I have below on this.

    Can I enquire if there was any attempt to maintain an objective log of how much calories each participant consumed daily over the four week trial? To me it seems that the programme relied entirely on food logs provided by the participants.

    In another BBC documentary on Youtube I came across the use of doubly-labeled water to spy on participants on how many calories they were actually eating as compared to how much was reported.

    One of the girls, the plumper ones was found to have massively underreported her calorie intake.

    Was something similar actually done for the participants in these study? If not, why not? This seems especially important given that the documentary says that several of the participants actually faced difficulties eating their alloted calorie intake. How did the researchers in the programme ensured that the participants genuinely ate a gigantic net daily intake of calories (without say vomitting them back out)?

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