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Why has the broadcasting of the skating championships been kept secret?

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    Posted by designengineer (U11181100) on Saturday, 16th March 2013

    Over the Friday and Saturday this week the BBC are transmitting the full Canadian Skating championships - but you'd never know. All the Radio Times has is a note, in the smallest possible font they could print, that if you press the red-button you could watch the championships live. The broadcast of the summary on BBC2 on Sunday is well enough flagged, but even here there is no mention that it had been possible to view the complete performances live.

    Robin Cousins commentating, etc etc, nothing wrong with the actual programmes, but none of my friends I have spoken to, which include some skating fans, were even aware that these broadcasts were on. It would have been far more honest to put a proper headlined programme entry in RT that you could watch the skating live on freeview 301 (no need to press the red button) at specified times. We found out about it purely by accident last thing at night, just checking to see if there was anything we wanted to record on our PVR and came across it on 301.

    Presumably the BBC are hoping to used the resultant poor viewing figures to justify stopping the broadcasts in future. Just as they used the poor viewing figures to the desperately dumbed-down Ski-Sunday programmes to broadcast virtually no coverage of the ski-ing at all. Or parhaps they were also hidden on the red button/301, and we didn't spot them?

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    Posted by Jeff (U13971268) on Saturday, 16th March 2013

    If the BBC want viewers to watch it, they should run a trailer or something. Goodness knows, they run enough trailers on other things.

    It's not up a listing magazine such as the Radio Times to big it up - they can only work on what they are told by the BBC.

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    Posted by Going_once (U14931925) on Saturday, 16th March 2013

    Oh, how annoying! They always keep Red Button coverage secret - first rule of Red Button, don't talk about Red Button. Grrrrr! However, thanking you for the heads up. I never think of checking but according to this link ice-dancing is on at 7.30 tonight and Ladies Free late late.

    However, the asterisk attached to this coverage seems to report not on Red Button at the bottom of the page(?????) but according to my TV's guide, it is on 301 at 8.50 tonight (????). Looks like it's 8.50 and I'll be watching thanks to you designengineer. smiley - smiley

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