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Horizon and the Universe

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    Posted by Steve (U15626016) on Friday, 22nd February 2013

    The analogies of the Russian doll and the the Titan microscope when entwined with the language used to describe the existence of things beyond the moon. ie the Universe were at best a fantastic assistance to insomnia and scientific inaccuracy and confusion.

    With nice photography of telescopes and screens and formulas that I doubt the author actually understands any real links between them of if he does has failed to use the program to explain that there is lot going on out there.
    The scientific aspects were explained so well that just when you began to assimilate some purpose to the theme of the program then another next speaker had another conflicting view of universe presenting his latest theory driven by Einstein or Planck or who ever
    Particles so small that you have to look large to explain???????

    These guys have some budget.

    I should welcome a more multi dimensional approach to this subject with greater clarity and less "Research motivated waffle" is this possible???

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    Posted by St Maddenus Hairy Chested Hunk (U14314874) ** on Friday, 22nd February 2013

    "I should welcome a more multi dimensional approach"

    That is actually really funny when discussing this topic did you intend that?

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