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    Posted by lesleylove (U4947890) on Tuesday, 12th March 2013

    Sorry Dover Soul and Dee. I just disagree. Far too many carbs with spuds! Anyway, doesn't detract from the fact that MR isn't suited to this programme. He uses the guest chefs more as lackeys and what was his comment last night to Rachel of "you haven't worked in my restaurant"!!! This and Great British Menu either need to be ditched or have a serious revamp. And get real in today's times...

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    Posted by Dee (U3082905) on Tuesday, 12th March 2013

    I like some kind of potato with pie (which this is really a posh version of) personally but although it may not be to your taste, it really isn't "awful" as you suggested - it is the "correct" way to make a Wellington and dauphinoise is a traditional accompanyment. It would be a sadder world if we all liked the same thing smiley - peacedove smiley - bubbly

    It's just that I am not sure who this programme is aimed at. Not the serious cook/foodie as it doesnt go in depth. Not the casual interest in food viewer because the recipes are a bit "dinner party when you have cash to flash" and certainly not the "not really bothered" about food viewer or the novice as it makes no effort to cater for them.

    I think that Saturday Kitchen should ditch some of the old re-runs and have some food news and reports and also introduce beer/cider and soft drink options to their wine choices instead of a separate programme.

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    Posted by lesleylove (U4947890) on Tuesday, 12th March 2013

    Here we go! I never said it was the incorrect way to make wellington - I make it that way myself and love it - I just said I would not serve it with spuds. Too heavy for me. OK??? I actually prefer a certain Sunday booking programme to some of the offerings on BBC at the moment - chilled, informative and fun. Have you tried it out???

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    Posted by DBOne (U14389107) on Tuesday, 12th March 2013

    Similarly there raelly is no point in having a drinks expert on if they do not tell us WHAT it is that they recommend. I know the information is available on the website but would it really be too difficult to say so on screen too? 

    The programme was co-produced with BBC Worldwide (, I presume it was an editorial decision as its only relevant to UK viewers only. The press release states that they were 'Created with global audiences in mind' which hints at this.

    Could this also explain why the programme doesn't feel quite right to the BBC Two audience (ie made for international first)?

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    Posted by Dee (U3082905) on Tuesday, 12th March 2013

    Aha - I thnk you may be right. It would explain the non-information on the recommeded drinks, just a generic description. MR is a "big name" internationally so would make it an easier sell to non-UK networks.

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    Posted by Tubby Wookie (U14758004) on Wednesday, 13th March 2013

    What annoys me most about the show is how underused the guest chef is - an expert in the theme of the show, and seem to be there to do little more than chop vegetables for MR. Surely in a show with does two recipes a show, the sensible (and most interesting) thing to do would be to give Roux and the guest one each. Or is MR not prepared to sous-chef for anyone?

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