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Lip service not being recommisioned

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    Posted by Joey may (U15283104) on Monday, 14th January 2013

    I am very disappointed that a third series of Lip Service is not being commissioned and would like to ask the bbc to explain which programmes represent lesbians now they have axed the aforementioned programme? You say a wide variety of issues are covered with your dramas, i cannot see where gay people are included in this statement. I pay my licence fees and as a lesbian feel there is no representation of my lifestyle at all. Please tell me how this decision is justified. Thank you!

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    Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) ** on Monday, 14th January 2013

    Welcome to the board Joey may.

    Lip Service is already being discussed here smiley - space

    Why not join in with that discussion much of which will share your view.

    Anyway welcome.

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Monday, 14th January 2013

    Sue Perkins to create new BBC sitcom with lesbian plot

    Lesbian comic and TV presenter will write and star in new sitcom Heading Out for British television
    23 AUGUST 2012 | BY JOE MORGAN

    Comic and TV presenter Sue Perkins is creating a new sitcom featuring a lesbian plot for British television.

    The Great British Bake-Off host and frequent panelist of comedy shows will also take a lead role in the series.

    As reported by the BBC, the comedy show called Heading Out will feature a veterinarian who is afraid to tell her parents she is a lesbian.

    Executive producer Nicola Shindler described Perkins’ script as ‘fantastically original, smart, and witty.’

    The coming out comedy will also star sitcom legend Dawn French, known for appearing in The Vicar Of Dibley, as well as The Thick of It’s Jo Scanian and Nicola Walker from Spooks.

    According to the broadcaster, Perkins herself said the project is a ‘joy to work on’ and hoped that joy ‘proves to be infectious.’

    On Twitter, Perkins tweeted Gay Star News who said: 'It's not a 'lesbian' sitcom. It's a sitcom which just happens to have a gay character in it.

    'All I mean is it's mainstream. For everyone. That's the point of it/why I wrote it - to put gay characters in a wider world.'

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