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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read before posting...

    New Discussions - please ensure that the title of your discussion includes the name of the programme you wish to discuss, that way other people can find them by searching.

    This board is run by the BBC Points of View programme team, so please stay on the topic of BBC TV programmes, as that helps us to find your comments and include them in the programme when it is on air.

    The messageboard does not host discussions about BBC News, BBC Sport or sporting events, BBC radio shows or BBC radio presenters or films, politics and current affairs.

    *Please search for an existing discussion on a programme* using the search box on the right-hand side of the page - check there first so you can see if other people are already talking about the programme that you'd like to discuss, if so

    smiley - star *please join the existing discussion*. Don't start a new discussion about a programme, if one already exists. smiley - star

    smiley - football smiley - borg If you'd like to talk about any of the BBCs Sports programmes, including Match of the Day and F1, please post to the general BBC Sports Programming discussion, here

    smiley - star If you'd like to talk about films broadcast on the BBC, post here

    smiley - star If you'd like to talk about the BBC in general, please use the BBC topic There's a permanent link to The BBC topic on the left-hand side of the board.

    smiley - star Volume control - do you think background music is too loud? This post explains a bit about sound balancing Many newer TVs have a feature in the audio menu section called a "sound balancer" or something similar depending on your TV.
    if you have a look at the manual for your TV you might find that you have settings to increase or decrease background sound, or that work better for the spoken word or for music programmes, you can change them to suit the programme you are listening to, so perhaps give that a go?

    smiley - star If you'd like to talk about programmes that are on other channels, please post to the Non-BBC TV Programmes discussion.

    smiley - star Problems using this message board?

    smiley - star Have a question about the moderation of a post, or would like to appeal against a decision? All the info about moderation is here, and you can contact the moderation services team via these information pages and they will be able to advise and answer any questions you have.

    Please note that posts about moderation are off-topic for the board and will be removed - as moderation queries on the board often lead to the re-posting of removed content and/or disputes.

    smiley - star And finally, do you have a question for the Points of View host about the BBC that isn't covered above? Here's the place to ask your question!

    We hope you enjoy using the Points of View message board - comments and topics posted here may be included in the programme. Please note that if we do read your comment out, we may use a third party voice.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    smiley - star smiley - star smiley - star smiley - star

    All discussions relating to BBC news and BBC news stories are off topic for the board. 

    If you'd like to share your views or complain about any aspect of BBC news coverage please contact them directly via this page

    Contact BBC News

    smiley - star smiley - star smiley - star smiley - star smiley - star

    You can send us your views on the coverage and presentation of events by BBC News, in the following ways: By email or via Twitter, telephone or by post.

    All the contact information for Newswatch can be found here.

    Or you can make a complaint about BBC News coverage and presentation via the BBC complaints website.

    This way we can ensure that your feedback is read and received by the relevant department within the BBC

    The main BBC Newswatch page an be read here - Newswatch covers viewers' opinions on the coverage of events by BBC News, addressed by the editors and decision makers in charge

    If you'd like to discuss a current news story, please refer to the BBC News Have Your Say, section - where you can comment on a range of current news stories.

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Wednesday, 9th January 2013

    Please join an existing discussion whenever possible.

    That makes it easier for the posters to the board, the board hosts 'Peta' and 'Lee' and the production team to find and join in discussions about programmes.

    Individual one-off posts are more easily overlooked and ignored.

    The board host and regular posters may post a link to direct you to a pre-existing discussion about a programme.

    They are being helpful - so please be kind and polite to them.


    Peta (U24) - Points of board host

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Thursday, 2nd May 2013

    Please note that today, Thursday 2nd, is polling day for the 2013 local government elections.

    As with other broadcasters, the BBC will not be covering any aspect of the election campaigns while the polls remain open and this also applies to user content submitted to This restriction also applies to political issues closely related to the elections. Note that it is a criminal offence to broadcast or publish anything about the way people have voted while the polls are open.

    Guidelines from BBC Editorial Policy can be found here –

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    , in reply to message 4.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Thursday, 6th June 2013

    Education and Training - Copy of programme

    If you're a school teacher and wish to purchase BBC programmes for educational purposes, or if you want copies of BBC programmes for use in education and training environments in higher education, companies and public bodies, please contact BBC Active.

    However, if you are specifically wishing to obtain Primary and Secondary Level materials we would advise that you visit the BBC Schools Active website. www.pearsonschoolsan...

    To obtain copies of non educational programmes that would be used in schools or training environments please visit the BBC Active Video for Learning website. www.bbcactivevideofo...

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Thursday, 6th June 2013

    Are you looking for a DVD or video of a particular BBC programme?

    Please click this link to read the full FAQ

    Programme copies - Commercial availability

    BBC Programmes webpages now aim to help you find commercially available BBC programming from online suppliers. ‘Commercial Availability' appears as a dedicated section on relevant programme pages.

    Start by visiting the programme's web page to find out if it's currently showing on the BBC, and whether it's commercially available.

    If there's no information, it's possible the programme isn't available commercially. It's also possible that it's not yet included in the guide. We will be extending and improving the guide to make it as comprehensive as possible.

    However in this instance you may wish to check with local or online retailers, as they should be able to assist with your query.

    For further information please visit the BBC Commercial Availability website .

    Unfortunately the BBC cannot respond to individual queries about products like DVDs or CDs. This is because we are not responsible for the commercial distribution of all the programmes we commission. For example, when programmes are made for us by independent production companies, they make their own distribution arrangements after broadcast.

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by Peta (U24) on Tuesday, 18th June 2013

    Please note that discussions must relate to the actual BBC TV programme, rather than the subject matter of the programme itself.

    For example, it would be off-topic to discuss your own general issues about road conditions or bad driving by the public on a Top Gear discussion thread.

    It would be off topic to discuss problems you are experiencing in your own garden, on a Gardener's World thread.

    It would be off topic to discuss your own views on general road tax issues, on a Panorama thread.

    It is off topic to post content or discuss religions and religious issues in general on any discussion - please stick to discussing the programme itself.

    While we understand that programme topics do sometimes stray, we reserve the right to remove posts if the discussion strays too far from the topic of the programme.

    It's very likely that first posts that are not clearly discussing a BBC programme from the start, will be removed for being off-topic.

    This board is here to enable discussions of BBC programmes only.

    Thank you.

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