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    Posted by old git now over 70 (U14213449) on Sunday, 30th March 2014

    Rubbish, nobody has ever been ill after eating my food, people are too fussy nowadays.
    I think I built up a great immunity as a child, I sucked grass and other things [ in a field with cows], ate carrots straight out of the ground etc. and have a cast iron stomach, [ I am 86]
    I wash bought tomatos etc when other people are going to eat them, but not for myself.
    I think people lay themselves open to more sickness by being too fastidious
    I shall continue to make pastry and anything else that requires my hands to be used with the assurance that all will be well.
    I object to being told by you that I shouldnt!!!. 
    well said, I remember pulling up new carrots washing off the soil in the rain water but and then chewing them all up raw.
    on the point of 2 much cleanliness , I worked with an ex Forces Man and he said they were encouraged to pick up fallen food brush off the obvious dirt and then eat it, he said it was to get the system used to all the nasties they might encounter if deployed , away from a good kitchen.
    I wonder if that is the reason that some children develop allergies, because of ultra cleanliness , they have not developed any imunity?

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    Posted by Dame Bouncy Castle (U1358361) on Sunday, 30th March 2014

    And pork. Pork must be cooked thoroughly, unless you want to be really ill.

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    Posted by LivingonanIsland (U16036718) on Monday, 31st March 2014

    I know that was the case a few years ago, these days as long as you purchase British pork it is safe to be pink. Not bloddy of course but doesn't have to be well done either.

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