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    Posted by BooBoo2 (U1168789) ** on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    Can anyone please explain why MOTD is adopting the extremely annoying habit of allowing “celebs” to infiltrate coverage. This week we have “The Hoff”, last week Tom Cruise (and some other grizzled American actor). We got this idiotic trend throughout Wimbledon fortnight although I guess we had to suffer it during prolonged live coverage. Who thinks it is appropriate to have luvvie alerts on a highlights programme?

    Given the ridiculous guests who have been promoted on TMS and the non-sporting panellists on QOS there does appear to be a desperate need to be part of the celebrity circus by sport producers at the Beeb. If they are unable to suppress their craving then might I suggest that they are working in the wrong department and ask for a transfer to an appropriate one. Believe it or not most people who watch sports programming do so for the sport, there is an endless conveyor belt of magazines and other outlets for those who cannot control their celebrity watching.

    Given that everything needs to become a “celebrity special” on the BBC are we simply being given a preview of a soon to come MOTD Celebrity Special? Are we to have the pleasure of the odious Alistair Campbell as compere? how about Sarah Millican as an oh-so-funny pundit (after all she appears to be on every other show)? Such suggestions might seem stupid but no more stupid than having Lilly Allen as a cricket commentator as was suggested in the past.

    Thank God for SKY Sports.

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    Posted by leadedbee (U5555345) on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    The shot of "The Hoff" in the crowd at man City must have taken up less than 10 seconds.

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    Posted by Fred (U15549179) on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    The shot of "The Hoff" in the crowd at man City must have taken up less than 10 seconds.  BooBoo2 does have a point. The sleb obsession in our society and in our media is excessive.

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    Posted by leadedbee (U5555345) on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    Somewhat over egged it though.

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