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Sportscene: Ross County v ICT

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    Posted by Reservoir Hamster (U14288323) on Saturday, 1st December 2012

    I've had to turn this off. Having the camera at ground level is bad enough but these electronic advertising hoardings with their constantly-changing brand names flashing right in our line of sight in full LED digital brilliance is totally distracting and makes it impossible to focus on the ball.

    If I were a conspiracy theorist I would think there must be some kind of informal agreement between the TV companies, football clubs and advertisers. The elevation of a TV camera should be high enough so that the audience can clearly see the whole field of play and can spot potential passing moves, players making good runs, spaces opening up, etc.. A bird's eye view of a game vastly increases the enjoyment of a game, for this viewer at least. But TV angles seem to be lowering to make sure advertising displays are clearly seen by the viewer. When the new Wembley first opened the TV angle was great but that was soon dropped down to the level of an assistant referee's bottom.

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