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    Posted by ALEX (U15508882) on Tuesday, 20th November 2012

    I just wanted to say thank you to the BBC for the series 'The Paradise' based on the novel by Émile Zola. What a marvellous series it was, each episode was lovely. The cast were terrific. This is what we pay our license fee for, so please do not cut back on this sort of quality in favour of some of the rubbish.

    I am no camp old fogey, I am a (masculine hetrosexual) man in my early forties, but I remember a time in my youth when the BBC would give us so many wonderful period dramas based on great novels. Often these were made for children, or sunday tea time family viewing or in the evening for adult audiences. The BBC excel at this sort of thing so please do not stop producing these altogether, as their has been a marked decline in quality lately on TV generally. It seems that you are making less and less of these, and it is a great shame. The Paradise shows it can be done still, so you have no excuse. Quality just needs fine actors, great stories and good music, you don't need to spend fortunes on lavish sets and locations. Thank you for the Paradise, please continue this series and this sort of genre as you used to so regulalry in the past.

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Wednesday, 21st November 2012

    It's good to hear that you enjoyed it Alex.

    There's a long discussion about the Paradise here, so feel free to join in there and read what others had to say. I'm closing this discussion, as it's a duplicate.

    Here's a link

    If you like good dramas then you might be interested in Last Tango in Halifax, people are discussing it here and making very positive comments about it.

    Here's a link to the Halifax discussion

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